10 Quick Ways To Stage Your Condo For A Faster Sale!

Posted in General Blog | 04/11/2012

Windsor  Condo

Windsor Condo

If you are thinking about selling your condo, because maybe you want to buy a home or you need to relocate, it is important to make sure your condo stands out from the rest of your competition.  This is particularly true if there are several units selling in your complex.  Buyers often get overwhelmed when looking at different condos.  Not only are they looking for a roof over their head, but also they are also looking at what amenities are offered, the Homeowner’s Association rules and fees as well as potential neighbours with a skeptical eye.  But much like a home, buyers will always remember a property that is well-kept, clean and priced right.

To get your home ready for buyers, consider these quick fix solutions to sell your condo quickly.

1.  Keep Window Treatments Simple

First, make sure the windows sparkle and then remove any heavy drapery.  Use simple panels or shades while avoiding anything fussy.  Why?  They can make your room look smaller and your ceilings lower.  Several discount and home improvement stores have quality window treatments that are easy on the wallet and look terrific.  If you have a view, make sure the drapes or blinds stay open so buyers can take note.

2.  Update Appliances

If you live in an older condo complex and have an older kitchen, consider updating your appliances with newer, mid-range ones.  There is no need to go high-end, but buyers will notice if your kitchen has seen better days.  Consider adding new hardware to kitchen cabinets while making sure the kitchen is spotless and free of any knick-knacks that clutter the counters.  The goal is to show the buyers that you have an effective, updated kitchen that will fit their needs.

3.  Balcony or Patio

Don’t forget to enhance your outdoor living space, as this is always a huge selling feature.  Create an attractive seating area and have a planter with seasonal flowers.  However, what you don’t want to do is clutter this area if it is smaller.  Forget hanging too many flower baskets or potted plants if a buyer can’t walk around and check out the space out.  Also, get rid of any outdoor ornaments, knick-knacks or anything else that a buyer may consider tacky. If you don’t have room for a table and chairs, then maybe just display a single chair and small end table.  Make sure the area is swept and rid of any pests and bugs.

4. Clean Carpet/Flooring

If you have nice hardwood flooring, then clean and polish them so they shine.  If your carpet has seen better days, or perhaps in a color that was popular 20 years ago, then consider replacing with a basic color in a neutral tone.  Often for smaller rooms, you can buy a rug remnant and have it cut and sized as wall-to-wall carpet.  At the very least, make sure carpets are professionally cleaned if needed.

5. Create Storage

Condos can be notorious for having little to no adequate storage and this fact alone often scares buyers away from buying a condo.  Clean out your closets and get rid of what you absolutely don’t need, and pack away the majority of the rest.  The goal is to only have 1/3 of the closet full.  The same goes with kitchen and bathroom storage.  You want your buyer to realize that you have more than enough space.  If you have any overstuffed closets, buyers will walk away.

6.  Remove Large Furniture

If you have oversized furniture, take it out.  Your condo needs to appear spacious and it can be done with less furniture.  If you have a smaller living room, you don’t need the couch, an armchair, a coffee table and a television unit.  All the buyer will see is your “stuff,” when they should be concentrating on the room, its size and all of its features.  The same goes with other rooms in your condo.  If you have a king sized bed in a smaller bedroom, take it out and replace with a full bed and a simple nightstand.

7.  Reduce Possessions

This is never truer than with condos.  Take away anything that is highly personalized (framed photos, trophies, your favourite sports team artwork above the fireplace), and let your condo speak for itself.

8.  Paint

If rooms need a coat of paint due to wear and tear, or because they are painted a lime green, then this is the time to do it.  Again, a room painted in a neutral color will make all the difference in the world.  Buyers can see themselves living in a place that doesn’t have your footprints all over it.

9.  Highlight The Good Points

Not all condos have fireplaces, or state of the art amenities.  So if your condo offers something that is appealing, then make sure you focus on it and give it some extra attention.  Create a fact sheet on your condo and the surrounding area and list reasons why it stands out.  Include the following if they pertain:

Work out room, tennis courts, swimming pool and spa!

Close to entertainment, restaurants and shopping!

Walking distance to public transportation!

Easy commute to business district!

Talk to your real estate agent for more suggestions.

Remember, staging your condo is a valuable tool.  It can make a sale 2 or 3 times faster and for a much better price.  The overall goal is for a buyer to walk in and immediately say, “I can live here!”



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