Resolution #12 If You Are Not Properly Marketing Your Windsor Property, Good Luck

Posted in Buyer Blog | 12/12/2012

I’m a firm believer that if you are not properly marketing your Windsor property for sale, then you are wasting not only valuable time, but thousands of dollars as well.  A home that is heavily marketed online will sell faster than traditional methods used in the past.

We have heard the statistics before, but the number is true and growing:  Approximately 90 percent of home buyers start their search on the Internet.  In fact, more and more clients come to us with a list of homes they already have in mind because they saw them online.  Buyers tour the Internet at all hours of the day and night.  And because new homes are listed every day, a serious buyer rarely lets valuable time go by without checking the latest homes put on the market. The days of simply putting a sign up in your front yard with little to zero online presence, means you are missing the overwhelming majority of buyers.  For those that decide to sell their home as For Sale By Owner, are particularly vulnerable.

Internet and social media are a home seller’s best friend.  Accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and a very active website should be in every real estate agent’s portfolio.  Print advertising is virtually useless in today’s real estate market as that’s not where buyers look for homes which of course is a big loss to newspaper advertising.

The is ranked as one of the most viewed websites in Canada.  It gets millions of hits per day which means your property is being viewed by untold thousands of people.  Real estate agents must stay ahead of the game in order to properly market their properties to the proper target audience.  In other words, if you interview a real estate agent who doesn’t know what Twitter is, then it’s time to go down to the next agent on your list.  Or, if you come across an agent who doesn’t Facebook, or perhaps has a page but never uses it, then keep searching.

And of course, the Internet is ever changing.  Just when you think as an agent you understand and have a very effective marketing campaign in place, the rules can change.  A successful agent must be in tune and have a heads up to what the future holds as far as social marketing is concerned. Even a few years ago if the real estate market was given a crystal ball and we were told that newspaper advertising and Open Houses would be ineffective, we would have a chuckle or two.  But again, as mentioned above, newspaper advertising is now one of the least successful advertising tools as there is only so much you can do with the limited space that a paper provides.  For example, the lack in quality and the small amount of photos you can use is one deterrent. Not only that, the information is not immediate.  Buyers like to know as much about a home as quickly as possible and newspapers can’t give all the updates in a timely manner.   Other advertising tools, such as Open Houses, while still practiced and not completely ignored,  rarely result in the sale of a home.

Buying and selling a home is a big deal.  For buyers, knowing as much about a home before you make an appointment to view it makes a search that much easier.  For many, hiring a real estate agent that has active online accounts is a huge bonus.  It also means that agents need to have a well planned strategy and are tenacious in marketing and promotions.

1.  Active website:  A buyer that wants to know additional information about a property should be able to find it on an agent’s website.  A site that is not updated nor addresses valuable real estate information, is not delivering timely information to clients or prospective customers.

2.  Twitter, Facebook:  These accounts should not only be active, but provide frequent updates regarding homes and the local real estate market in general.

3.  LinkedIn:  This is a great way to connect and promote properties are hear what may be coming up in the market.  A valuable tool that should be used regularly.

4.  YouTube:  Many sellers today are taking to YouTube to post videos of their home.  Make it short, simple and don’t overdo it on graphics or loud music.

Social media and the Internet has been a huge game changer in the real estate market. But really, there is no more appealing way to sell your property.  The information is instantaneous, direct dialogue can result at any time, questions can be asked and answered  and time and energy is saved.




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