Social Media in 2013 And Selling Your Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 21/12/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Trying to keep up with social media is like nailing Jell-O to a wall.  When selling your Windsor property, it’s important to take advantage of all the online tools available, but almost every day something changes and new sites pop up. And of course, the popularity of such sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, is mind boggling.

Take for example the following:

Facebook:  1 billion users; 600 million mobile users

Pinterest:  Grew 1,698 percent on just mobile devices alone.  25 million users

YouTube:  4 billion views per day.

Twitter:  500 million total users

LinkedIn:  175 million users

Instagram:  100 million registered users, 4 billion photos

A recent study come out that said 47 percent of people who use social media use it for what they call “social care.”  This means, that instead of picking up a phone, people will use Twitter, Facebook or other social media to send or retrieve information.

And businesses have not ignored this phenomenon.  Take a look around.  How many times have you seen companies that ask you to “like us on Facebook,” or “follow us on Twitter!”  Companies that still have not made up their mind about creating social media accounts should take into consideration these statistics.  With mobile devices, people are in contact 24/7, and the numbers will increase dramatically in the next year.

For real estate, social media has been a valuable asset.  In order to stay in constant communication with your clients and your business associates, you need an active online presence.  For buying and selling homes, there are times when you need to get in touch with someone immediately.  Homes won’t wait, clients can change their minds about offers or we are working under tight deadlines.

A successful real estate agent will connect all the right dots to bring a successful sale to a close.  Posting regularly, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and websites ensures that you are exposing your properties to the majority of buyers looking for homes today.  Because 90 percent of homebuyers start their search online, communication can inform those potential buyers about a property and increase their interest.

For example:

Facebook:  This is a great way to engage with potential buyers and sellers for your property.  It’s important to post timely local real estate news as well as neighbourhood updates.

YouTube:  This video-sharing site allows a person to upload, view and share videos.  By creating your own channel, you can let buyers look at your listings.

Pinterest:  This wildly popular pinboard style social photo sharing website allows real estate agents to create boards such as home decorating ideas, home sale preparation boards as well as city resource boards.  The list goes on!

Twitter:  This is where information can be shared quickly and allows your followers to hear the latest information and local news in the real estate market.

How do we successfully use social media? 

1.  Effective keywords:  Using keywords that buyers in Windsor and Essex County will use when searching for homes in this area.  If we are selling your property, it will be promoted with your target audience in mind.

2.  Make your home stand out:  How is this done?  By creating content that makes buyers want to live in your home.  A house is more than a collection of rooms, and it needs to be seen from the buyer’s perspective.  For homeowners, what do you love about the home?  This is what needs to be shared.  If you live in a great family neighbourhood and nearby excellent schools, that is just as important in promoting as the 4 bedrooms.

3.  Share and promote:  People have shorter attention spans these days.  That’s why it’s important to post regularly and promote often on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. With the wealth of information on the Internet, buyers often miss great leads, so it’s important to repost and get the word out without being annoying.

If real estate agents aren’t using social media, then they might as well be invisible.  It just doesn’t make sense not to make every effort to attract a buyer who is searching the web for a home.

If you are looking for a Windsor home in 2013, don’t you want to work with an agent that is well connected on the best properties available?





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