Windsor Ontario Home Improvements That Will Ruin Your Sale

Posted in General Blog | 29/12/2013

Windsor Ontario Home

Windsor Ontario Home

Are you thinking about making some unique home improvements to your Windsor Ontario home even though you know you will want to sell one day?  Take a word of advice from this real estate agent:  Don’t undertake any home remodeling projects that will have zero appeal to the majority of buyers.  Remember:  strange, over the top, unusual homes don’t sell quickly and rarely at the price a seller wants.

Here are some home improvements that the majority of buyers don’t want.

1.  Converted garages:

Today’s buyers want a garage and not a converted game room or woodworking room.  They simply want to park their car in the garage.  The cost to return a room into a garage is expensive, so think about this expense if you want to sell your home in the near future.

2.  Unusual room addition:

Adding a sun room to a back yard that reduces most of the space can be difficult to sell.  Also, if you create a space for your business, like a second kitchen if you own a catering company, this is a problem as well.  Adding a room that won’t appeal to buyers can mean your home will sit on the market longer.

3.  Changing a traditional home to a modern one:

Buyers of traditional homes understand exactly what they want, and if this is removed, such as moldings, or other distinctive features, then it removes the property’s charm and character.  If you have a home that was built at the turn of the century and remove all that makes it appealing, then buyers will look elsewhere for this style of home.

4.  Overbuilding:

Buyers don’t want the biggest home on the block, particularly if a McMansion is surrounded by smaller homes.  The general rule is that buyers want the least expensive house in the best neighbourhood.  Not the other way around.  If you overbuild, it may sit on the market much longer.

5.  Too Open Floor Plans:

Open floor plans are very popular with buyers, but some remodeling can take it too far.  Not too long ago, a home for sale had a large master bathroom that included a wonderful master spa!  What’s the problem?  There were no doors or walls, so no privacy.  The rooms flowed into each other and created a bigger space, but buyers hated it.

6.  Turning home into one bedroom house:

images-2The majority of buyers want at least three bedrooms.  By turning a three bedroom home into a two or one bedroom home may mean you your home will take longer to sell.  Don’t remove closets from rooms if you think you will want to sell your property soon.  It’s easier for a buyer to find a three bedroom house that to turn a one bedroom home back to a three bedroom home.

7.  Taking out bathtubs!

Buyers want bathtubs!  Almost always a buyer will remark negatively if a bathroom doesn’t have a bath and is shower only.  Certainly large walk in showers are wonderful and attractive, but reconsider if you are taking out a bathtub and know that you will sell your property one day.

8.  Lots of stairs!

You are eliminating a wide variety of buyers if your home contains too many steps, whether they are outside or inside the property.  Multi-level homes means people must watch their steps.  For older buyers or those with disabilities this is particularly difficult.

9.  Removing yard:

If you are considering turning your backyard into one large basketball court or making your landscaping into a desert like oasis, you may want to reconsider if you know you are selling soon.  The majority of buyers want to see a little green in their landscaping.  The same is true if you put in such lavish gardens that a buyer will seemed overwhelmed at the time and work needed to maintain.

Certainly, if you plan on living in your home for years to come, then enjoy your home improvements even if they aren’t popular with buyers.  But if you feel there is a real certainty that you will move at some point, and maybe need to move quickly, then it’s necessary to carefully consider what remodeling projects you will do.

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