4 GREAT Tips When Buying Windsor New Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 18/04/2012

New Windsor Homes

Windsor New Homes

Buying any one of the Windsor new homes on the market today and you will find that you have access to more information on the home than you would with buying a pre-owned home.  You will have access to the contractor and the building materials should you have any questions or concerns.  Of course, there are lots of unknowns as well, such as, you cannot be certain what the neighborhood will be like or who your next-door neighbors will be.

But for many buyers, the good outweighs the bad. Like any real estate purchase, it’s always a good idea to follow a few guidelines to make sure this is a smart buy for you and your family.

1. Custom Features:  This is what brings most people to new construction,  the chance to move into a home with a blank slate.  For many buyers they prefer not to deal with ripping off wallpaper or updating a kitchen. In the construction phase, many builders are flexible and will provide many choices with appliances, flooring and paint colours.

2.  Buyer’s Market:  Many builders today will negotiate on a new home construction.  This was unheard of several years ago when prices were firm.  Keep in mind that many Windsor new homes are more expensive than older homes even if they are the same square footage and same number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  However, with a new home, you won’t be doing any updating and you get the latest in home fashion, such as quality appliances, nicer countertops and fixtures as well as other updated features in bathrooms, ample storage space and the latest in technology.

3.  Home Warranty:  It is very important for a buyer to understand the home warranty.  Should a builder need to come back and make repairs, find out how long you are covered as warranties always vary.  Some could run for one year or longer.  Find out if the builder backs the warranty or if there is a third-party.  If a builder goes out of business, what happens?  Read the small print and ask questions for your Windsor new homes.

4.  Get Amenities in Writing:  If the highlight of your new neighborhood is a pool or golf course that your builder promises will be built soon, get it in writing.  It has happened too many times where a builder runs out of money and these plans go down the drain. To double-check a builder’s reputation and credentials, Google the builder and visit some of their other developments.

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