6 Inexpensive Ways To Improve Curb Appeal For Your Windsor Home

Posted in General Blog | 14/05/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When selling your Windsor home, you want to make your property stands out from the rest. With summer almost here and buyers now busy looking at homes to settle into before fall, it’s important to create an inviting curb appeal. The good news? You don’t need to spend very much money.

1. Add mulch: this is an inexpensive way to add a professional touch to your landscaping. By scattering over garden beds, you can cover weeds and improve the look of your yard. Go for the dark, rich brown or black mulch that buyers seem to prefer.

2. Highlight your front door. This simple job can take just a few hours and cost next to nothing. If needed, update the front door handle, as a buyer doesn’t need to see a real estate agent struggling to open the door with a stripped keyhole. Also check to see if the doorbell and light fixtures are working properly. Make sure the kickboard looks good or be sure to replace. Clean up all cobwebs and do a thorough sweeping.

3. Repair and paint fence. Now is the time to spend a day and get your fence looking as good as new. For the price of paint, you will find that buyers will be eager to see your Windsor home.

4. Colour! Adding flowers by your front door immediately lets the buyer know that this is a home that has pride of ownership. Also be sure to Plant annuals in any open spaces that are low maintenance. Don’t use flowers that require lots of care in case you go away and are unable to find someone to water. Buying flowers to scatter around the yard doesn’t need to cost much, but the first impression it leaves is invaluable.

5. Landscape regularly: Make sure that your yard looks in tiptop shape while it’s on the market. If you are unable to regularly mow the grass, weed and prune, then hire a local neighborhood kid that will do it a cost lower than professional landscapers. If a yard is not well cared for, then buyers assume that the inside is a mess as well.

6. Add lighting: Let’s say a potential buyer is driving through your neighborhood in the early evening looking for a possible Windsor home. Chances are if you don’t have some sort of light fixtures, then they can drive right by your house. By creating lighting around paths, or landscaping, you are giving added appeal to your home.

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