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Sasha Miletic is a Windsor real estate agent and an experienced consultant and professional strategist in the fields of both acquiring and marketing residential Windsor real estate for sale. This, coupled with an amazing network of an entire team working together, gives him the ability to provide systemic instructions, marketing, and customer service resulting in fun and enjoyable experience.

Sasha works with REMAX Preferred Realty Ltd., in Windsor Ontario, and serves all of Windsor and Essex County having a population of close to 300,000 people and commonly referred to as the “100 Mile Peninsula”.

When you call Sasha, you get a whole team of professionals working for you versus a single agent which means that they never run out of time for you because each of them is separately responsible for a specific process in the selling of your home or in helping you find one. And together, their combined efforts add up to superior marketing, and better customer service.

As a home seller, Sasha’s unique and proven Home Selling System will expose your home to the greatest number of buyers which in fact will sell your Windsor home for more money and within your specific time frame with NO stress and anxiety. This will be done primarily by using “Market Control”, a two-pronged online strategy where your home will be strategically placed on web sites that generate the highest home buyer traffic . Plus, Sasha’s highly effective and proprietary system will push your home online to dozens of social media sites because that’s where home buyers hang out these days. Sasha also publishes both blogs, articles, and video’s about Windsor real estate on his web site and distributes them to various articles sites with in turn generates traffic back to his site where your listing will be hosted. Between the years 2004 – 2007, when the market was more “normal”, Sasha’s listings sold for 2.14% more and 28.01 days faster than the Essex County – Windsor Real Estate Board averages.

As a homebuyer, you’ll get Sasha’s unique “Computerized VIP Buyer House Hunting System” which will give Windsor home buyers priority access to all the hottest deals, bargains, bank foreclosures, power of sales, distress sale properties, sellers in trouble and recent price reductions or 15-30% all 3-4 days before most other buyers find out about them. PLUS, you’ll be glad to know that Sasha is only one of a handful of Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR®) in all of Windsor and Essex County. The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is designed for real estate buyer agents who focus on working directly with Windsor home buyer-clients looking for Windsor houses. (ABR®) stand for the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. What’s their key to success? They know that you can’t count on the market—you have to count on your skills. ABR® education provides the expertise you need for an edge in serving today’s Windsor home buyers.

Sasha and his team provide individuals and families a more effective and practical approach to growing personally and enjoying the entire Windsor home buying and selling process through their effective management of the clients time, money, resources, relationships and technology.

Through Sasha’s 24 years of experience in marketing and selling Windsor real estate, he was able to create “Market Control” – a systematic approach to fusing Online Marketing and Web Traffic to convert Cash for Windsor Home Sellers on Closing.

At this stage of Sasha’s life, he, in fact, is more concerned with significance, not just success. He takes pride in working with successful Windsor home owners and buyers who see fit to thank him for helping them achieve their goals but is also eager to make that list much longer.

Unlike most other agents, for the first time in his life, he’s less concerned with making maximum possible profit for himself on the sale of a house or at the end of the year than with putting his systems into the maximum number of people’s lives. Therefore, there’s NEVER any financial pressure for Sasha to have to sell a Windsor house so he chooses only to work with like minded individuals.

Sasha graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science (area of concentration was economics and urban geography) and holds a Mortgage Brokers License as well as an ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) designation.

He currently lives in the Riverside area of Windsor with his wife Louisa and their 2 sons Steven 8 (named after Sasha’s late father) and Andrew 7(named after Sasha’s brother) and services all of Essex County. If you need to get in contact with Sasha, simply send him an email at info@SashaMiletic.com or call his direct line at 519-962-9150.

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