Advantages of Buying Windsor New Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 24/08/2012

Windsor New Homes

Windsor New Homes

For many homebuyers, there are several advantages for purchasing one of the many Windsor new homes on the market.  For many, it’s all about ease and the latest comforts without any of the pressures of remodeling.  While newer homes can be a bit more expensive than older homes, this is not a concern for those who want move-in ready.

1.  Customization:  Many builders are eager to customize Windsor new homes to attract buyers.  If a buyer wants upgraded countertops or flooring or maybe a different paint color, builders will often comply.  While some changes will reflect in a new home price, there are times when these upgrades can be negotiated depending on the builder and circumstance.

2.  Less repairs.  Buying Windsor new homes usually means a buyer will have less repairs than if buying an older property.  New homes usually have the latest in building materials, including appliances and heating and cooling systems.

3.  Warranty:  Not only are Windsor new homes equipped with many of the latest features, but builders usually always include a home warranty in case certain repairs are needed within the first year the home has sold.  For example, if there is a roof problem, then these costs are usually covered.  However, we always strongly suggest that a buyer hire a separate home inspector to evaluate the home to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

4.  Energy efficiency:  Newly built homes today usually include such energy efficient appliances and other materials such as triple-pane windows to avoid high-energy costs.  This is a huge plus for those eager to save on their monthly electric bills each month.  High-efficiency washers, air conditioners and furnaces will not be something you will need to replace for many years, unlike older homes where older materials may be used.



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