Advice For Newlyweds Buying A Windsor Home

Posted in Buyer Blog | 21/08/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

For newlyweds that have a nice nest egg and are looking to purchase a Windsor home, here are some guidelines to consider before you start your search.

1.  Narrow it down:  Often, couples can’t decide what type of home to buy.  One spouse may want a modern condo, the other a traditional family home.  Maybe one wants a two-car garage while the other wants a three car.  In other words, couples often want different things.  So determine what your priorities are.  Close to work? Three bedrooms? Home office? What would you be willing to compromise with each other?

2.  Research:  Go on the internet and get an idea of what homes are available as well as their prices.  What neighborhoods would you consider? Look at the pictures, as well as the virtual tours and after viewing several, see if you find a common theme in what you both like.

3.  Consider budget:  Remember, it’s not just the price of the home, but it’s everything that goes along with it.  There are closing costs, moving expenses, insurance and other purchases that you will need to make.  Buyers need to have good credit and pay off most debts.  Don’t go and make any big splurges while buying a home.  Remember, buy only what you can afford as financial stress can often cause major problems with married couples.

4.  Find a real estate agent:  It is important that you find a professional, well experienced real estate agent as well as one that knows the area where you want to purchase your Windsor home.  You want someone that will not steer you toward a home you can’t afford, but rather respect your budget and will have your best interests at heart and is a strong negotiator during the bidding process.  You want an agent that is present and can answer any of your questions.  Get recommendations from family and friends and then make an appointment to interview an agent to make sure you are on the same page.

5.  Be patient:  It takes time to find a home.  Don’t rush into a big decision, especially if you are not completely sold on a home.  While there is rarely such a thing as the “perfect home,” be willing to compromise on the little things without settling for a home that you both don’t like that much.  Be patient.  You will know when you find “the one.”

6.  Think of the future:  Remember, buying a home is an investment.  Do you want to purchase a home that you will live in for many years?  Will you raise a family in your new home?  Then you may want a home in an excellent school district though that day may be years away.

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