Amazing Painting Tips For Fixing Up The Exterior Of Windsor Homes

Posted in Selling Blog | 01/03/2011

Painting the exterior of Windsor Homes is one of the most important home maintenance jobs possible. The paint and caulking is your home’s major defense against weather and water damage. Potential buyers are going to see the exterior of your house first, so it may be time to fix up the paint job outside.

The siding of your house is a surface that is extremely sensitive when it comes to the effects of weather or a poor original paint job. Damage to the siding can often cost thousands of dollars to repair, so you must access how badly it needs to be repaired before selling.

Should you tackle the project yourself?

Consider the price difference between a high-end exterior paint job and a low-end one. Paying more money on materials or labor now can result in thousands saved in the long run.

Although doing the job yourself can save money, be aware that exterior painting is likely to be one of the most physically intense and difficult home maintenance jobs you will ever do. It will consist of countless days of stressful work and physically demanding labor. Many people decide to get the job done correctly the first time and spend the extra dollars for their homes, resulting in a paint job that can bring up the price of the their Windsor house.

Exterior house paint must withstand the brutal effects of anything Mother Nature throws its way. It is extremely remarkable how such a thin layer of primer and paint even lasts as long as it does. On top of all weather issues and natural disasters, all homes built are constantly moving and shifting.

This movement is caused as the temperature increases and the materials expand, and as it decreases and the materials contract. Furthermore, the wood is consistently moving, splitting and warping. Add falling branches, dust, and other debris into the picture and nothing less than a high-quality exterior paint job will do the trick in many cases.

Each style of surface on the exterior of all Windsor homes will require an alternate technique of painting. Which type of finish you pick will also determine the technique. There are, however, four main types of surfaces: the body, trim, windows and doors.

Deciding on the most efficient method of labor and high quality materials will allow the exterior of your house to look newer and require less maintenance in the long run. Let your Windsor real estate agent know that this paint job will add years to the life of the house. It can definitely be used as a selling feature and raise the value of your home.

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