Are You A Serious Windsor Real Estate Buyer?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 18/07/2012

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After being in the real estate business for many years, it is always easy to spot the serious Windsor real estate buyer.  Today, with a surplus of homes on the market, many buyers are just looking around to see if they can get a good deal and are not committed one way or the other. For others, they are dedicated to finding a home.

Once a home search is underway, a serious buyer will often do the following:

1.  Be available as much as possible when a home becomes available to view.  This is important if an agent feels a particular property will go quickly.

2.  Return calls and emails.  This is also critical to an Windsor real estate agent for the reason stated above.  Time is often of the essence, especially when paperwork needs to be completed.

3.  Provides information quickly and does not stall once negotiations have begun.

4.  Funds are available when needed.  A serious buyer knows that any delay could harm the deal.

5.  Be pro-active. Buyers who takes it upon themselves to scout out a neighborhood to see if it is suitable, or investigates schools to see if it is right for their family, makes the job of a Windsor real estate agent much easier.  There are simply some things we can’t decide for a client.

6.  Not afraid to ask questions or hear the hard answers.  Buyers committed to the process understand that there is lots of information that goes back and forth between the two parties.  By keeping communication open, it makes everything go smoothly.

While all Windsor real estate agents are happy to answer questions, it’s another matter to begin a housing search yet not be a serious buyer.  Sellers are not interested in showing their homes to anyone that is only there to look, especially with the buying days of summer winding down in a month.

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