August Gardening Checklist For Windsor Houses For Sale

Posted in Selling Blog | 06/08/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

August can be a particularly cruel months for gardens and homeowners of Windsor Houses for sale.  We know that August temperatures can be brutal which means giving our yards extra attention.  And sellers of homes are often tired of making sure their homes are constantly in tip-top shape.  August can be an exhausting month!

But as far as your garden goes, make sure that you continue to maintain it to ensure that your home still creates that valuable first impression.  The most important advice we can give you regarding your yard is to continue watering!  A heat wave can make a garden go “poof,” so we recommend following these tips for all Windsor houses for sale while maintaining your yard:

1.  On hot, sunny days, water will evaporate almost as quickly as it hits the ground, so the best bet is to water early in the morning so it soaks in and gives plants a much needed wake-up call.

2.  Check flowers and any other plants often to check to see if they need water.  While a plant may look fine in the morning, it could be wilting by noon.  It is said to give plants about an inch of water per week.  Deep, less frequent watering is more beneficial than short, but more numerous sprays of water.

3.  It’s not to late to add mulch around plants that will absorb and retain water.  A light layer is fine and it also looks attractive.

4.  Keep your lawn green! Of course, no buyer wants to drive up to a home with dead, brown grass.  So follow the gardening experts advice and give your lawn about an inch of water a week, or slightly more if the weather is incredibly hot.

5. Do you have hanging baskets?  Make sure they are watered thoroughly every day in hot weather.  Flowers, especially petunias require deep watering every day.

Finally, keep up with the weeds, pruning and remove any dead plants.   It can’t be overstated that with Windsor houses for sale, a yard must maintain a welcoming, well cared for appearance while it is on the market.

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