5 Bad Marketing Bloopers For Your Windsor Real Estate

Posted in General Blog | 27/05/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Many blame the bad housing market for why your Windsor real estate isn’t selling, however, it could be attributed to bad marketing.  Getting your property out to the masses is a critical first step when putting your home on the market. Here are some bloopers that are often made by those responsible for selling your home:


1.  Bad Photography:  Can you imagine that your home is on the Internet and hundreds of people are looking at it daily, but yet the photography is so bad they can’t see the any details of your home?  That is a wasted opportunity because with the number of homes on the market, potential buyers will click the mouse and look at the next home without giving your home another thought.  Make sure that your photos are clear, high resolution, full of light, cropped carefully to highlight the home’s features and that there are plenty of them.  Don’t use only one or two photos.

2.  No Description of Property:  So, you have a website full of interesting pictures of your Windsor real estate, but no descriptions.  Again, if you don’t provide details of your home by listing its best features, the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, location and such, the buyer will once again be clicking “next,” and looking at the next property.

3.  Not Available For Showings:  Once you put your home on specific hours by limiting showings, requiring 24 hour notice, not providing a lockbox for the property or implement a By Appointment Only policy, you are again limiting the opportunity to sell your home quickly.

4.  Not Including Incentives:  If a homeowner is eager to sell their home, they can always offer incentives, which often doesn’t need to cost them a thing if the home price reflects the costs.  For example, contributing toward the closing costs, purchasing a home warranty or offering a quick escrow are some incentives that are popular with buyers.

5.  Not Doing A Virtual Tour:  Again, buyers rarely find their Windsor real estate at a traditional open house.  Ninety percent of those looking for homes are doing so on the Internet.  By offering a virtual tour, you are again opening your house to a wider audience that are usually more serious than those who tour through a Sunday open house.

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