Before You Sell Your New Windsor Real Estate

Posted in General Blog | 09/06/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

Before you even THINK about selling your New Windsor Real Estate, you need to do a few things first before you put up the For Sale sign.  Even before you start decluttering or making the necessary repairs to your home, you need to make sure you are well aware of the process you are about to undertake.  Why are you moving?  Is it an impulse decision or is it something you really need to do?  If you don’t know why you are moving, you may want to take some more time to think about it.

If you are on the fence about moving, but you are thinking it may be something you want to do, then you need to consider what neighborhoods you may want to purchase New Windsor real estate.  Go to Open Houses, look at the prices, check out the surrounding area and imagine yourself moving there.  If you are still uncertain if you want to move then you may want to stay where you are.

But if the idea of moving still appeals to you after finding a neighborhood that appeals to you, then it’s time to interview real estate agents.  Interview those professionals that can give you an excellent market plan for your home.  Ask them how you can prepare to sell your home, what repairs need to be made and their thoughts of hiring a home stager.  Finally, find out what they believe you should price your home.

After meeting real estate agents in your area, and you still are intrigued with the idea of selling your home, then it is necessary to talk to your mortgage company, find out how much you need to pay off your home and get a pre-approval letter to give you an idea how much you can afford for your next New Windsor real estate.

Once you have all of this information and it still looks like you indeed want to sell, put your home on the market BEFORE you buy.  Don’t be tempted to look at New Windsor real estate while your home is on the market.  It’s never a good idea to juggle two mortgages in a buyer’s market.  While you may find a good bargain, resist making an offer as it is never guaranteed when your home will sell and for how much.

Make an appointment today to discuss your real estate needs and how we can assist you in deciding if buying a new home is for you.

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