Best and Easy Staging Advice for Windsor Properties

Posted in Selling Blog | 05/08/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

In our last post, we discussed what NOT to do when staging or preparing your Windsor properties for buyers.  Here are some excellent suggestions on what to DO as you open your home for a showing!

1.  Paint:  You will get every bit of your money back if you repaint your purple dining room into a nice, neutral and soothing colour. This is one of the best tips out there and one of the more simple.

2.  Repair all running toilets and leaky faucets.  Buyers walking into your bathroom won’t be pleased to hear the sound of plumbing issues.  These repairs are usually easy and affordable.

3.  Visit model homes.  When walking through a model home, buyers always say, “I want my home to look like this!”  Why?  Because they are neutral and spacious.  Builders know how to emphasize the best in their homes, so follow their lead and recreate their ideas to your Windsor properties.

4.  Grind a lemon in garbage disposal.  This simple, non-offensive scent is just noticeable enough to create a good impression.  If you want to go overboard, read our previous post on what NOT to do when staging your home.

5.  Make each room count.  Do you have an outside patio?  Make it look like an inviting living space by cleaning outdoor furniture, using colourful pillows, planting vibrant flowers in pots and making sure the BBQ looks appealing.  If you have a spare bedroom, set it up as a bedroom or home office.  Remember, the less furniture the better.

6.  Leave!  Finally, one of the best things you can do when buyers appear at your door is to leave.  Let the real estate agent do their work.  By staying and offering your opinion, you are making it uncomfortable for the buyer to do what they are there to do:  look at your home and hopefully make an offer!

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