Best Packing Tips When Moving Into Windsor Properties

Posted in General Blog | 17/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Summer is a busy moving time for many of our clients who are relocating to new Windsor properties.  After a period of hard work, where we were successful in finding beautiful homes for buyers, or helping those that sold homes, now it’s time to pack!  While it’s not always fun to gather a life’s worth of belongings and move from one home to another, following a few simple steps can simplify the moving process into an organized and relatively stress free project.

1.  Write Everything Down!  That’s right; make a list of everything that you pack!  Sound tedious?  Believe us, you will be happy you did.  Put a number on every box, then, on your notebook, list what is in that box.  When listing items, be specific.  If you are storing a coffee maker, write that in your notebook and not “kitchen equipment.”

2.  Buy Plenty of Supplies:  You will need boxes and lots of them.  Also packing tape (have you ever wrapped a gift and ran out of tape halfway through?), markers, packing materials (bubble wrap, newspapers, etc.)  Get extra.  Wouldn’t you rather have too much than not enough?

3.  Color Coordinate Each Room:  One of the best ideas we have for moving into Windsor properties, is selecting a color for each room, like blue for master bedroom. Placing these colored stickers on the relevant box near the number, you are saving yourself precious time.  By simply looking at the color on the box you will know that it needs to be put in the master bedroom.  Simple.

4.  Keep Items Together:  Have you ever moved a lamp and realized that part of it is missing? Like the light bulb?  May not seem like much until you start unpacking in the dark. Other suggestions:  keep small loose parts taped to an item with a Ziploc bag.  Another good idea:  keep a box with all loose things you find while packing, like cables, parts, brackets, etc.  Mark the box “Parts” and leave it in a central location while packing.  When you discover something you are unsure of, place in box to see if needed later.

5.  Use Luggage:  One of the most neglected yet useful ways to pack clothing is using your luggage.

6.  Cleaning Supplies:  Keep all supplies in one box.  That way, it’s there when you are ready to clean your old Windsor properties before heading to the new.

7.  Finally, keep all important papers with you.  Passports, birth certificates, bank information.  Don’t leave with mover!

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