Best Ways To Keep Windsor Homes Cool In The Heat

Posted in Selling Blog | 23/07/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

We have had some very hot days this summer and for many Windsor homes, they have started to see better days.  Buyers often will look at several homes a day and by the time they have reached the third or forth home, their attention span is melting along with everything else.  How can you make sure that your home stands out, looks welcoming and perks buyers up when they enter your home?

1.  Keep your air conditioning running.  Now is not the time to think of your electric bills.  When a buyer walks into a home that is nicely air conditioned, their spirits immediately perk up.  Keep blinds and curtains closed to keep the extra heat out.

2.  Provide a gracious welcome.  Have a pitcher of cold lemonade available, or bottled water in a tub of ice.  Maybe have a plate of cookies as well.  While the buyers are guests, you also want them to feel like they could own your home.

3.  Keep your yard looking fresh!  It’s difficult to keep plants looking vibrant in this heat.  If some of your flowers have seen better days, by all means replace them.  If no matter how much you water and they still don’t perk up, then it’s time to dig them up.  When watering your yard, remember, the rule is: Water deep, not often.  Ideally, water should reach 8 to 10 inches down in high heat.  To see if you have met this mark, press a large screwdriver into the soil.  If it goes in easily and doesn’t meet resistance, then you have watered enough.  Hand watering is the best way to water your plants.  If you have lots of land, then use sprinklers making sure you are not watering your driveways and sidewalks.

4.  Make sure your backyard looks appealing.  Buyers will walk outside, so make sure your patio furniture is cleaned and looks appealing.  Has your deck been power washed?  Your BBQ area looks spic and span?  If you have a swimming pool, does it look refreshing and make the buyers want to jump right in?  If you have any fountains, make sure they are up and running as the sound of water is always good.

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