Best Ways To Save When Moving From Your Windsor Property

Posted in Selling Blog | 23/07/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

This summer you are one of many that is packing up and relocating from their Windsor property.  For many of you, it was a necessary financial decision.  Therefore, you may discover how expensive moving can be when budgets are limited.  Here are some of the top ways to save on your move:

1.  Forget About Buying Boxes:  Buying supplies can put a ding in your budget.  Many clients I know have looked at hospitals, laboratories, restaurants and grocery stores for their boxes.  They also put up a free ad online saying they will come and pick up any boxes from people who have recently moved.  Don’t forget, use your luggage, shoeboxes and laundry baskets to move items as well.

2.  Get Rid Of Your Stuff:  You can save lots of money by getting rid of absolutely everything you don’t need, or haven’t used in at least a year.  Now is a great time to purge your home of unnecessary items.  Have a yard sale to make some extra money.

3.  Don’t Use Bubble wrap:  Instead, use towels, bed linens and clothing.  Use newspapers for packing fragile dishes but be careful of ink smudging dishes.  Another excellent source is butcher paper.

4.  Mail Your Items!  Do you have lots of books?  Consider packing them and mailing them to you new address.  Use the cheapest, slowest delivery service available.

5.  Move In The Middle:  What?  This simply means that if you plan on using movers, try and move in the middle of the month rather at the more costly times at the end or beginning of a month.  Get three estimates from movers, review their recommendations, carefully research, and then pick the one that best fits your needs.  Not all moving companies are good ones, so beware.  Also, consider moving between October and May, which can often save money, as these are not the busiest moving months.

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