Big Mistakes When Repairing Your Windsor Home For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 05/03/2013

Windsor Home For Sale

Windsor Home For Sale

If you plan on making repairs yourself regarding your Windsor home for sale, make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

Often times, in order to save money, sellers will attempt to do repairs themselves.  While this is understandable, it’s also a bit scary quite frankly, especially if you don’t have the expertise.  As I have noted in previous posts, repairing a home can be costly as you prepare it for sale.  Every little thing adds up and it can really hurt the wallet.  Most buyers want to walk into a home that needs little to zero home improvements.  They want it move-in-ready.  So yes, it is important that most repairs are made.  But make sure you don’t get in over your head, as it can cost you a lot more in money if an inspection report comes back and it’s not a good one.

1.  Not paying attention to codes or getting a permit:

Make sure that if you are doing electrical work, remodeling a kitchen or anything else that requires a permit that you do so.  If it is the law, then it needs to be done.  And the last thing you want to do is ignore codes as inspectors will make sure it’s done correctly and to code and buyers will want to see a permit.  And it’s been done:  Neighbours that contact officials and inform them that you don’t have a permit.  If this is the case, you may have to tear it down and start over.

2. Don’t have a good work plan:

Let’s say you want to update the tile in your bathroom.  Create a reasonable plan, which includes a calendar and costs.  If you are not sure how to do it, research the project and create a step-by-step detailed outline.

3.  Under Budget

DTYer’s often under budget a project.  I always suggest that if you think it’s going to cost one thing, then triple the price.  If you are unsure about the project, you may want to add in the cost of a professional coming in to finish the job.

4.  Jobs you are not qualified

If hiring a plumber is too costly, be extra careful about making repairs or updating your bathroom on your own if you are unsure how to work with any plumbing issues.  Some people can do well with online tutorials, but with many of us, it can simply be over our heads.  Also, some projects may require the work of several, like hanging drywall on a ceiling.  The last thing you want to do is reach a point where you realize you can’t complete the job.

5.  Not preparing for the unexpected:

It always happens when remodeling or making repairs.  Something unexpected, and costly happens.  If you tear out a wall, you may find termites or pests.  Or you may discover that the wiring is outdated and quite dangerous.  Make sure your budget allows for the emergencies that usually occur.

6.  Not getting a home inspection:

images-8A buyer will, or at the very least should, get a home inspection on your property.  If you have made repairs or updates yourself, an excellent idea is to hire your own professional inspector prior to listing your home.  That way, you can make sure that everything is properly installed or repaired.  This is a great document to show potential buyers that your home is in excellent condition and ready for them to move in.  Yes, they will still get their own inspection (again, at least they should!), but with your information, you at least know where you stand.

7.  Getting by on the cheap:

One thing I have noticed.  If a person is attempting to make a repair on their own, they can often use cheap materials or the wrong tools so they don’t need to purchase new ones.  Make sure the quality of your work is evident to buyers.  They notice if something is done cheaply.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow better tools, or find them cheaper online.  Same with quality materials.

8.  Underestimating the sale.

A seller will often make improvements because they think they will get a higher price for the home.  But some improvements simply don’t matter to a buyer.  If you have an older home, and tear out the charm of a bathroom that has original tiles because you think everyone wants a modern bathroom, well, you may have created problems for a buyer that finds those sort of qualities appealing. Putting in the highest quality of carpeting doesn’t always impress buyers either.  Mid-range flooring is usually fine.

Talk with a real estate agent before you go and make any updates or repairs on your own.  Maybe it won’t matter in the long run.


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