Buyers Say How To Make Your Windsor Home Stand Out!

Posted in General Blog | 16/08/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

In a buyer’s market, where there is plenty of inventory and not enough buyers, the key for a successful Windsor home sale is to make your property stand out from the rest.  This really isn’t hard to do, as there are many homes out there that just don’t put in enough effort to make a buyer want to look through their homes.

With the days of summer ending and we head into September.  We asked some buyers what they looked for when starting their housing search:

1.  Online appeal:  Over 95% of buyers begin their housing search on the Internet.  So how does your home present itself?  Do you have good photography?  Buyers’ say they won’t even consider your Windsor home if photos are blurry, too dark and don’t provide any details.  Buyers also reported that they want more than one photo.  If they only see one, they think it’s a foreclosure.  One buyer reported that they won’t look at a home if there is any evidence of a pet, as they are deathly allergic to dogs.

2.  First impression:  Almost all of the buyers reported that curb appeal is a huge selling feature.  If a home as weeds growing, cracked driveways and an overall unkempt appearance, most won’t walk inside.  According to one buyer, good landscaping makes an average home much better, even if is a well-kept yard.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, just tidy.

3.  Clean home: Not surprisingly, buyers want to walk into a clean home.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a cleaning service, this is the deal breaker.  The best advice?  Buyers want to see a home that looks like a hotel room, clean, uncluttered with no evidence of anyone living there.  One buyer indicated that the home they purchased over the asking price was due to the fact that the seller moved the majority of their belongings into a storage unit, thoroughly cleaned the home and presented a property that anyone could imagine living in.  Clean and declutter your Windsor home cannot be stressed enough!

4. Neutral colours:  Buyers like to see a bright, spacious, home that needs little work.  Garish colours don’t sell well.  Buyers all indicated they like earth colours or a soft white.

Check in with our next blog later today to find out what else buyers say sell your Windsor home!

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