Buyers Should Compromise When Looking At Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Posted in Buyer Blog | 25/07/2013

House For Sale In Windsor Ontario

Homes For Sale In Windsor Ontario

When looking at homes for sale in Windsor Ontario there is one thing buyers should know:  there is no such thing as a perfect home.  It doesn’t help when home magazines show stunning properties on every cover as buyers then are often under the impression that all homes on the market should look, well perfect.

What’s unfortunate is that buyers often wait and won’t make any offers until they find that perfect home.  But every home buyer must realize that if a home needs some updating, has a few minor repairs or imperfections, that is no reason to ignore the house. This is especially true if the house is in a great location and priced well.  There are some excellent homes out there that may need a little work, but they are priced ready to sell.  For those buyers that have modest budgets, I suggest they may want to overlook anything that can be easily corrected.

1.  Paint:

Don’t walk away from a home if all you dislike is the paint colour.  A gallon of paint costs little and can change the look of a room instantly.  This is the cheapest fix you can make and it is doubtful that you will find a home that you won’t want to paint anyways as everyone personalizes a home one way or another.  So if all it needs is a paint update, count yourself lucky.  Focus on the room’s good points, like size, storage, etc., and picture the room in a tasteful paint colour to your liking.

2.  Wallpaper:

There is a saying in the real estate market that buyers like wallpaper, just not when buying a home.  In other words, it is very rare when a buyer will walk into a home and immediately say, “I love the wallpaper.”  But much like a gallon of paint, this is an easy fix, though it may take a little bit of work.  It costs very little to remove wallpaper and there are excellent products at home improvements stores that make this job much easier.  So if you really like a home but simply can’t stand the dated wallpaper in the kitchen, don’t let it stop you from making an offer.  A once dreary room can easily become your favourite.

3.  Window Treatments:

Once again, drapes and window coverings are highly personal tastes.  Buyers almost always don’t like the sellers choice in window treatments, but these are simple to remove.  And until you are ready to upgrade, you can find inexpensive blinds to use until you are ready to replace.

4.  Light fixtures:

images-5There are many homes that have dated light fixtures, like brass chandlers or lighting above the bathroom sink.  The good news?  It’s easy and usually inexpensive to replace.  There are plenty of choices available depending on your budget and can difference can change a room.

5.  Broken water heaters and/or heaters and air conditioning units:

As a real estate agent, I have found buyers almost ready to walk away if a seller won’t update an older water heater or make a minor repair in heating or air conditioning units. If major repairs are needed, then that is certainly one thing, but often times, repairs are minor.  If a home has a water heater that makes you nervous, then talk with your real estate agent about asking the seller to provide a home warranty.  There are many things an agent can ask for during negotiations.  So don’t walk away if repairs are minor.

6.  Dated bathrooms:

If a home has all kinds of potential, yet the bathrooms are dated, maybe with a vanity that has seen better days or tile that is brightly coloured, keep in mind that updating this room does not need to cost a fortune.  Once again, home improvement stores have a wide selection of products that can change the look of a room quickly and inexpensively.

7.  Worn out cabinets:

If kitchen cabinets look worn and drabby, yet a kitchen remodel isn’t in your budget, there are improvements you can do yourself to improve the look of a room.  Check to see if they can be refaced, or maybe painted with some new hardware applied.  If the kitchen is a nice size, with lots of light and good counter space, then don’t walk away if the cabinets are the only thing holding you back.

The best advice I can give to a buyer is to walk through any Windsor real estate with an open mind.  It is very rare that anyone finds a home in perfect condition as there are almost always changes a buyer will make.  Buyers who won’t stop looking until they find the perfect home, will often never find one.

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