Buying A New Windsor Home Or Old?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 26/02/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Many buyers are often torn if they should buy a brand new Windsor home, or an older property.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, most of it depends on your lifestyle and preference.  I always suggest to buyers who are unsure that it is important to tour both types of homes and mark down what you like and don’t like about both.

Advantages to Older Homes

1.  Character.  Most older homes have lots of character and have stood the test of time.  These properties have stories to tell and many were built by craftsman who possessed meticulous attention to detail.

2.  Larger lots/yard.  In many older, traditional neighbourhoods, you won’t find homes sitting right next to each other.  That’s because in those days land was cheaper.  It’s not uncommon to find older homes with expansive front and back yards with mature landscaping.

3.  Established Neighbourhoods:  In older areas, you will find that many neighbours know each other and look out for one another.  In fact, some homes are passed through generations and have been in the family for years.

4.  Closer to downtown areas:  Many older homes are closer to the center of town and owners can walk to the local stores and coffeehouses.  For many buyers, this is an extremely attractive feature as who really likes to get in their car and drive if they don’t have to?

Disadvantages of Older Homes:

1. Maintenance:  Older homes need periodic maintenance as the older the home, sometimes the more costly.  Problems with flooring, foundations, chimneys and such may require repairs.

2.  Update wiring and plumbing:  If an older home needs new electrical wiring or plumbing, this can also be expensive.  It is important that you get a home inspection prior to closing on any home.

3.  Smaller storage, garages:  Older homes were built before it became popular to own so much stuff.  Today, we have more clothes, personal items and more than one car.

4. Smaller square footage:  On average, older homes are smaller with usually no more than two bathrooms and 3 bedrooms in no remodeling has been done.

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Advantages to Newer Homes:

1. Little to no maintenance:  New construction means that your home should be good to go for a least a little while.  You won’t need a new roof or paint job and the flooring will be perfect among other things.

2.  Modern conveniences:  The beauty about moving into a newer home is that all appliances are modern, as are the wiring systems, Internet, media rooms all with top of the line features.

3.  Warranty:  When buying a new home, most come with a warranty of some sort.  Be sure and ask.

4.  Energy efficient:  Homes built today include new appliances that use less energy, excellent insulation and dual pane windows.

5.  Greater square footage:  Newer homes are more than likely to be bigger than older homes with open floor plans that include kitchen and family rooms linked together and larger master suites and bathrooms.

6.  Everything is new: There is something to be said about living in a home where no one has before.  It’s newness is very attractive and chances are, you get to select flooring, paint and other features.

Disadvantages to a New Home:

1. Similar floor plans.  If you don’t mind having the same home as your neighbour, then this may not be a problem for you.  But older homes do offer character where newer homes don’t as much.

2.  Landscaping:  Some newer homes don’t include backyard landscaping and what you get in the front yard is usually a small tree and some grass with a few bushes.  It takes years for a new development to have mature landscaping.  If you can’t afford to put in a back yard, you may be looking at dirt for a while.

3.  Neighbours:  In a new development, you have no idea who your neighbours will be.  Will they be noisy, keep their home in good condition?  Will they work on their cars day and night?  Maybe they won’t like your pets?  The quality of what the neighbourhood will look like in a few years is usually anybody’s guess.

4.  Commute:  Chances are, your new subdivision is located further away from the center of a town.  Check to see if your commute time, shopping or any rush hour traffic will be a problem in your new home.  Many people move into newer homes further away from work because they are more affordable, however, they discover that the commute is more difficult than they realized.

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