Buying An Old Windsor Property?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 29/06/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If you are considering purchasing an older Windsor property, it’s good to have a complete history of the home before you make your first offer.  Older homes come with lots of character and personality.  Many buyers prefer living in a home with history than purchasing new homes.  Yet, with older homes, knowing that repairs and updating are often needed, it’s important to be prepared for the future.

Here are a few questions to ask when looking at an older Windsor property:

1.  Foundation:  What condition is the foundation?  Is it original to the home? Is it solid?  Are there any cracks or shifting?  If you see any crumbling in the basement, you may want to reconsider.  A home inspector can give you more details and an estimate on repair costs if you wish to pursue.

2.  Plumbing:  Is the plumbing original to the home?  Check to see if there are any mineral build-ups on the pipes in the basement.  Check the faucets to see if there is adequate water pressure.  Replacing plumbing can be costly and inconvenient.

3.  Electrical Wiring:  This is very important as faulty or old wiring can be a fire hazard.  If a home has outdated wiring, then find a cost for replacing the entire system.  It’s costly but if you are determined to make an offer, factor in the cost of repairs to your price.

4.  Roof:  How old is the roof?  Be aware that if the roof is older than 15 years, you may need to replace it at some point.  Ask if there have been any issues with the roof in the past.

5.  Heating and Cooling Systems:  A Windsor property that still uses old radiators can have a costly heating bill each winter.  If a home has central heat, then check to see how old the furnace is.  Again, this is costly when updating.

Don’t let the costs or repairs of an older Windsor property frighten you if you are determined that a home is worth it.  Some of the best homes in the best neighborhoods are older.  The details and character of an older home can’t be beat.  If an older home has always been something you wanted, then know that there are many in Windsor for you to see!

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