Buying New Windsor Real Estate In a Buyers Market

Posted in Buyer Blog | 11/05/2012

New Windsor Real Estate

New Windsor Real Estate

If you are going to buy New Windsor real estate, now is the time to buy. In a buyer’s market, there are many homes available and many are very good deals.  Of course, good things never last, so if you are considering purchasing a home at the best possible deal, now could very well be the time.

We have all heard the saying, “Buy low, sell high.” That could very well be a term to describe today’s housing market. While no one can predict real estate, homes are priced to sell in New Windsor real estate.  What are the advantages in purchasing a home now?

1.  Lower Sales Price:  Knowing that there is lots of competition out there, many sellers are willing to negotiate because they realize they may not receive another offer, particularly if their home has been  on the market for over 30 days.

2.  Making Repairs Considered:  Sellers will often make repairs or take the costs off of the sales price if major repairs are needed and determined by a home inspector.  Again, another reason to always hire a home inspector before finalizing your deal.

3.  Accept Offers With  Contingency:  In a seller’s market, contingency offers are difficult to negotiate as sellers are often overwhelmed with high offers.  But in a buyer’s market, this is often not the case.  Sellers often accept offers when a buyer still needs to sell their current home.  This type of offer is better than no offer at all.

4.  Other Requests:  Buyers can often ask for other requests that they normally would not do in a seller’s market.  For example, they can ask for a longer escrow, request seller to purchase a home warranty, extend deadlines and even ask for longer inspection periods.

Of course, a buyers market does not mean that a seller will roll over and play dead.  It only means that when negotiating for New Windsor real estate, a seller is more likely to carefully consider an offer before shutting it down completely.

While no one can time the real estate market, it is safe to say that a buyer’s market never lasts forever.

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