Buying Windsor Homes In Neighbourhoods Right For You

Posted in Buyer Blog | 24/08/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

How does a buyer, looking for Windsor homes, know if a neighbourhood is right for them?  Certainly, finding a good home is necessary, but the neighborhood is critical as well.  Amenities such as an excellent school system, affordable homes, friendly neighbours, local shopping and easy commute to work are often high on a buyer’s list.  So what does a buyer need to look for?

1.  Think about lifestyle.  What is it that you want in your new home and surroundings?  If you are a first time homeowner and single, maybe you want to live close to entertainment and fun activities.  Maybe it’s important to live near local transportation if you don’t own a car.  For families, most want to live in the best school district in a quiet neighborhood with lots of other families.  So think about what it is that will make you happy.

2.  Crime:  Needless to say, all buyers want to live in an area that is safe.  While your real estate agent can provide information on the features of each neighborhood, it is never a bad idea to look up crime rates in a neighbourhood you are considering.  Visit the community at night and talk to neighbours about any safety concerns you may have.  Is there a good police presence in your area?  What about a neighbourhood watch program?

3.  Future expansion:  Check to see if there are any plans for construction, property development or road expansion.  If you decide that you want to live out in the country, check to see that your little country road won’t soon become a four-lane highway.  Also, if you are surrounded by incredible views with lots of vacant land, check to see if the land is zoned for commercial or residential use.  Your view may suddenly be of a major grocery store.

4.  Close to Neighbours.  Many newer Windsor homes have neighbourhoods on smaller lots.  This means that you are living a lot closer to neighbours than you may possibly be if you lived in an older community, where homes are usually more private.

The best thing a buyer can do when searching for Windsor homes is to consider your lifestyle.  Make a list of what you want to be happy in your new home.

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