Buying Windsor Real Estate For Elderly Parents

Posted in Buyer Blog | 19/06/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

For most of us, there comes a time when it is necessary to look for Windsor real estate for elderly parents.  While not completely ready for assisted living, it becomes apparent that downsizing from a large family home, to a smaller home with a friendlier layout is often a suitable and needed move.

What does a buyer need to put on their checklist when assisting parents view smaller Windsor real estate?  Of course, it varies depending on the ages, wants, needs and interests of those living in the home.  For many baby boomers, they still have an active lifestyle but have their eyes on the future.  For others, they may want a quieter lifestyle.  Here are some suggestions when looking at homes for those older buyers who would like to downsize:

1.  Single Story Homes:  This is obvious, as most buyers downsizing don’t want to climb stairs, especially if they have knee or joint problems.

2.  Re-consider Moving Too Far Away:  Buyers decide they want to move where it’s sunny 12 months out of the year and avoid those long, cold winters.  While this is always nice, many couples end up moving back close to home to be near family and long time friends.  If buyers are unsure, or if there is any doubt, suggest renting for six months to see if the new lifestyle is appealing.  In the end, Windsor real estate may not look too bad after all.

3.  Wider Hallways and Doorways:  Parents who have health issues and may require a wheelchair in the near future, should look for homes that have hallways at least 42 inches wide.  Doorways should also be wider as well.  Taking these steps now will avoid any hassles in the future.

4.  Walk In Closets:  This allows for lower shelving and clothing bars.  Again, look for a doorway that is wider as well.

5.  Lighting:  For those trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, make sure there are lights going down the path from the bedroom to bathroom if needed.  Whether you have lights installed or use motion lighting, this is a valuable feature.






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