Buying Windsor Real Estate With Good Resale Value:

Posted in Buyer Blog | 09/08/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Anyone who is buying Windsor real estate today needs to think about resale value especially after the past few years where we saw the market decline.

The goal for buyers should be to find a home that they not only love, but that also has the potential to be a good investment. So what are the rules for buying a home with excellent resale potential?

1.  Location:  This can’t be said enough, which is why you always hear:  “Location, location, location.”  If you find a home that is in a highly desirable neighbourhood, chances are it will attract a large set of buyers when you need them.  Homes in a good school district, are always popular.  If you buy a home in a not so good location, chances are it will take longer to sell and at a lower price.

2.  More than 2 bedrooms:  Buyers with families will always look for a 3 plus bedroom home.  Even young couples or singles understand the importance of guest rooms, home offices and the thought of having a family one day.

3.  More than 1 bathroom:  Selling a home with only one bathroom is often a deal breaker for many.  Also, homes without a master bath often experience lower resale value. Given the choice between one or two bathroom, the vast majority of buyers will always pick the home with two.

4.  Family/Great Room:  Windsor real estate today must have a space where families can gather in order to be considered a good resale home.  A place where a family can entertain, have informal gatherings watch TV. As a group or just spend some time together is critical for buyers today.  It is doubtful that will change.

5.  Storage:  Buyers like to see walk-in closets, pantries and plenty of closet space.  People just collect too much stuff these days and they want a place to put it!

6.  Garage:  Especially in the suburbs, buyers want to be able to park their car and store their stuff in a covered, enclosed garage.

7.  Good layout.  Rooms that have easy flow, open and bright are much more desirable than closed in, chopped up rooms.

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