Benefits of Working With an Accredited Buyer Representative, ABR®

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Getting Started – The Sasha Miletic Path to a Successful Home Purchase:

Less than 8% of all licensed REALTORS® in the Windsor & Essex County Real Estate Board have their ABR® Designation. Simply review these PDF’s to learn how an agent with this designation can benefit you.

5 Reasons to Sign a Buyers Representation Agreement

– If you’ve started looking for a home- and a real estate professional to assist you – your buyers representative may ask you to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement. This PDF explains what it is and why you should sign it. (Click here…)

Customer or Client? – What’s The Difference?

– In real estate transactions, buyer-clients are entitled to a higher level of service than buyer-customers. Becoming a client typically involves signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with a buyer’s representative, who then owes you fiduciary duties. This PDF goes over the different service levels depending on your status. (Click here…)

The Evolution of Buyer Representation

– Even though buyer representation is now largely available to home buyers across the country, it wasn’t always so. As an advocate for home buyers, the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC) has played a key role in creating that change and helping buyers receive the same level of representation in real estate transactions that was previously only enjoyed by sellers. (Click here…)

A Final Walk-Through Checklist

– Pretty self explanatory :-) (Click here…)

Choosing a Buyer’s Representative… Questions to Ask

– When it comes time to select a buyer’s agent to represent your interest in this all-important transaction, here are some of the most significant issues to consider and questions to ask when interviewing your Agent.
(Click here…)

The 5 Steps in Obtaining a Mortgage

– Today’s sticky lending environment means that processing a mortgage application is more complex than ever, given the number of steps that lenders, underwriters, and mortgage insurers must all complete before home buyers truly gave their financing in place. This PDF simplifies the process for you. (Click here…)

Using Web Sites

– The Internet makes it easier than ever to begin shopping for a home online. By searching property listing sites, you can begin to get a better idea about property prices in different neighborhoods and which home features are most and least important to you. This sort of preliminary research can be helpful when you’re ready to work with a buyer’s rep and begin searching for a home in earnest. (Click here…)

What Do You Want and Need in a Home?

– Finding a new home can be exciting. But deciding what you truly want and need—and can afford—can be challenging. Making these decisions begins with setting priorities among many different preferences. Most homebuyers invariably face trade-offs. Your buyer’s representative can play a key role in helping you sort out your options. He or she can also offer important insights specific to your local market. (Click here…)

Why Work with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative?

– Buying a home may be the largest and most complex financial transaction you ever undertake. If you’re ready to buy a home, wouldn’t you prefer to work with the most qualified real estate professional you can find? An Accredited Buyer’s Representative stands out in the crowd. If your REALTOR® holds the ABR® designation, you can trust that they have the extra edge when it comes to KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. (Click here…)

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