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Getting Started – The Sasha Miletic Path to a Successful Home Purchase:

Watch these video’s FIRST in the exact order before you do anything else.

The Building Blocks

Step 1 – Watch This Video and to Learn How You Can Save $350 When You Buy A Home This is going to be the single most important video you’ll need to watch before you buy a home. It’ll show you how to avoid the costliest pitfalls and traps many buyers just like you fell into. It also explains our exclusive VIP Buyer Home Hunter Hunting Program and how you can benefit from it. (Click here to watch the video…)

Step 2 – Download Homebuyers Toolkit E-Book “10 Steps to Choosing and Purchasing Your Home” – Buying a home is a BIG decision and there’s lots to learn. This comprehensive, quick-reference guide provides the information and tools you’ll need to help you find the a home that’s right for you. As you follow these 10 steps, gather information and complete the worksheets, you’ll chart a personalized map that will help you find, purchase and finance a home that meets your needs and preferences. (this is a U.S. publication so a few things do not apply, namely with regards to financing).
(Click here to view report…)

Step 3 – Review Are You Fit To Buy – Buying a home is one of the most important and exciting moments of your life. Your home is not just the roof over your head but where you lives, sleep, entertain, and raise a family as well as one of the biggest investments that you’ll ever make. This video will help you do it right. (Click here to watch the video…)

Step 4 – Review Selecting the Right Buyer Agent – Selecting the right real estate agent is critical to having a successful home buying experience. Not only is your agent a licensed professional who understands the home buying process, they have in-depth knowledge and deeper access to current market conditions. (Click here to watch the video…)

Step 5 – Review Home Buying Costs A-Z – From deposits to moving expenses, and everything in between, buying your first home involves more than just saving for a down payment. That may be the largest cost, but there are other things you’ll need to plan and budget for. Watch this video to help note some of the upcoming expenses. (Click here to watch the video…)

Step 6 – Download the Comprehensive 32 Page E-Book– This guide will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know to buy your next home. Even people who’ve bought real estate before have found this thorough report very valuable and beneficial.
(Click here to view report…)

Step 7 Download and Review all Necessary Home Buying Reports – It took me a LIFETIME to crack the code on these prized money saving strategies… and now they’re YOURS for the taking. (Click here to go to page…)

Step 8- Review Benefits of an ABR Working For You – Less than 8% of all licensed REALTORS® in the Windsor & Essex County Real Estate Board have their ABR® Designation. Simply review these PDF’s to learn how an agent with this designation can benefit you. (Click here to go to the page…)

Step 9 – Review Understanding the Buying Process – These video’s and reports will guide you throughout the entire sales process. (Click here to go to the page…)

Step 10 – Review Understanding the Real Estate Forms – Familiarize yourself with the forms that you’ll be using throughout the buying process. (Click here to go to the page…)

Getting To Know You

These reports reveal the good, bad and the ugly side of me.

I’ll share with you a magic bullet that took me from being a broke and humiliating loser to discovering this great this one-of-a-kind breakthrough system for homebuyers that will save you time, money and frustration.

Step 1 – Read the Magic Bullet Report – This report is going to embarrass me publicly because in order for me to really convey this lesson to you, I’m going to have to share with you some really ugly details about my “past life” that are at best, unflattering.
(Click here to view report…)

Step 2 – Review My Resume – This is a 1 page resume that I made so that you can review my credentials. Nothing really exciting, but take a look anyway.
(Click here to view resume…)

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