How to Negotiate Windsor New Home Prices?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 07/06/2012

Windsor New Home

Windsor New Home

In a buyer’s market, even with a Windsor new home, you can almost always negotiate home prices with a seller.  With a good strategy, you can often buy a home at a good price and often times with a few added features.

So what are some tips to making sure that you can purchase a Windsor new home for the best possible price?

1. Do some research.  Look at new homes and study the extras, neighborhoods and pricing.  Know what you can afford by getting pre-approved for a mortgage.  This will be a big selling point to a builder.

2.  After reviewing what’s available, make a list of what amenities you desire.  Do you want granite countertops?  A home office with built in features?  A movie room?  In some homes these features are standard, while with others, they are upgrades.

3.  Once you have narrowed your search, focus on no more than two builders.  Do some research and learn what you can about their homes and business.  Do they have a solid reputation?  Find out what homes they own and what has been sitting unsold for months.  Usually, builders have spec homes they are trying to sell at good prices.  Check and see if they have any available.

4.  Once you have toured the available homes for sale, visit the builder or his representative with your real estate agent.  See what upgrades they are willing to provide. Once you and your agent have an opportunity to review, place a bid.  When accepted, make sure you get all agreements in writing so there will be no confusion when you close on your home.

The opportunity to move into a Windsor new home with the upgrades you want at the price you want is a win-win for everyone.  No longer are new home prices set in stone though who knows when that will change.

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