Can I Omit Certain Items When Marketing My Windsor Home?

Posted in Selling Blog | 11/07/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When describing your Windsor in your marketing materials, is it okay to omit a bad feature?  While it is important to list the positive amenities of your home, it’s also necessary that you consider what to leave out.  Some things, like small square footage, are not something you would advertise.  Buyers will see this themselves but they may find other features that they like even better than a smaller home.

For example, if you advertise using words like “cozy,” then buyers often feel that means a home is too small and they won’t even look at it.  However, they could be missing a real opportunity, especially if your home features many things that are on their list.  Once they get in your house, they could notice that they could add on to your home, or, the layout is such that the square footage is not a problem.  The goal is to get buyers into your home by promoting its good features, not advertising the bad.

Windsor homes should also avoid using words like “as-is,” or “fixer-upper.”  Chances are, buyers will assume the home is in far more horrible condition than it is.  Remember, everyone has a different idea on what an “as-is” home really is.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot if it’s not necessary.

Again, point out the positives.  Many buyers today are eager to get into homes while the market is still good.  There is always a home for everyone as long as it is priced correctly and marketed effectively.  The job of a real estate agent is to make sure potential buyers see the beauty of your home and all of its possibilities.

Finally, never give the impression that you are desperate to sell.  The reason?  It is very difficult to negotiate successfully for a client to get top dollar if they look like they can’t unload a property.  Let your agent handle the details and soon your property will be entertaining offers

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