Can't Sell Your Windsor Home?

Posted in General Blog | 21/04/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When preparing your Windsor home to sell, most home owners believe, and rightly so, that buyers will fall in love with their property and make an offer close to the asking price.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out in the time frame that we would like.

So if your home has been on the market for several months with little bites and no offers, what should you do?  Take the following under consideration:

1.  Take a break:

Remove your home if it has been on the market for four months or more and re-list it two months later.  This will give off the impression that it is “new,” and create a different energy surrounding the property.

2.  Price it right:

The number one rule in real estate, well, at least in the top 2, is to price your property accordingly.  Don’t over price it, but if you do, then make one huge price reduction.  Don’t make a set of smaller price changes as buyers will stand back and keep waiting for you to keep deducting.  If you make a large one in the beginning, agents can then tell their clients of the price change and say that it is now priced accordingly.  But before pricing, make sure that you review all comps and then go and visit the competition to see what other similar homes are selling for.  Make your home stand out in price, and buyers will come.

3.  Get a home inspection:

I know what you are saying, “Isn’t that the job of the buyer?”  Yes, and chances are, even if you get an inspection, a buyer will get their own any way. But you need to show your buyers that your home is in good condition.  Don’t wait for the buyers to discover something is wrong with your property, as that puts the ball in their court.  Find the repairs yourself, correct any problems and let buyers know that your home is repair ready.

4.  Give financial incentives upfront:

Let your potential buyers know at the start that you are willing to throw in some financial incentives.  For example, you can offer to pay closing costs, or purchase a home warranty.  Maybe you can offer landscaping for a year.  The possibilities are endless.  Make sure it is including in your listing information.

5.  Promote online:

Don’t leave it for your real estate agent to promote your property online.  Since 90 percent of home buyers start their search online, create a Facebook page for your property, or promote via Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Do a virtual tour and upload it on YouTube.

6.  Find the best broker:

Get the recommendations from family, friends and co-workers.  Drive around your town and see who seems to have the most signs in yards.  It’s the top 10 percent of real estate agents that generate the vast majority of business.  Don’t hesitate to interview three good agents with excellent reputations.  Don’t pick the one that can offer you the highest price unless you are absolutely certain this agent is correct.

7.  Top ways to use your money to create a home sale:

Curb appeal:  Buyers decide in the first 10 seconds if they want to go inside a home depending on what the outside looks like.  By all means, create a good first impression to make buyers eager to see the rest of your property.  Trim bushes, trees, mulch, plant flowers and make your front door look welcoming and appealing.  It’s the best money you will spend.  I have had buyers refuse to get out of a car when they pull in a driveway because they can’t get past the fact that the front of a home looks rundown and beat up.

Brighten your home:

Now that it is spring, take away any heavy fabric or dark colours.  Open the blinds, wash the windows, paint any dark rooms a neutral colour, put sheer white shades on lamps with high wattage bulbs.  Again, a house that is bright and airy is what buyers want.

Stage your property:


You don’t need to hire a professional stager if you can’t afford it as they are many tutorials online or located here on this website that can assist you. You can also walk through model homes and see what buyers are looking for.  But, if you don’t have the time, and you prefer to hire a professional stager, it will greatly help in making your home more appealing.  The key is, you want buyers to envision living in your home with their belongings.  But if they only see your stuff, collections, photos and cluttered rooms and countertops, they can’t see past that.

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