Creating A Good Partnership With Your Windsor Real Estate Agents

Posted in Buyer Blog | 15/06/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agents

Windsor Real Estate Agents

When you hire our professional team of Windsor real estateagents, you are getting a group committed to working with you to find your perfect home.  In order to create a successful relationship, a buyer should take into consideration a few tips so the process can begin and the search for a home is successful and as stress free as possible.

1.  Get Pre-approved for a mortgage:  By doing this, our Windsor real estate agents knows exactly how much home you can afford.  When you find a home in your price range, then we can get to work immediately by showing the seller, when presenting your offer, that you have the backing of your loan institution and can afford the home.

2.  Tell us your home needs and wants.  If you won’t consider a home with a swimming pool, then let us know right away.  If you are insistent on a four-bedroom home, we need to know that as well.  The more you tell us, the better we can evaluate the market so we are not wasting your time by showing homes that you don’t want.

3.  Let’s work together to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Give us the opportunity to show you homes that we think may be a very good fit based on the information you have given us.  Keep an open mind when looking at other neighborhoods that you haven’t considered before.  There is so much inventory out in the market right now, that there are often homes in beautiful communities that buyers don’t even know about.

4.  Be prompt with paperwork.  As you may know, buying a home requires lots of paperwork.  Just ask your Windsor real estate agents!  Sign the required documentation and return at your earliest convenience.

5.  Attend the home inspection if possible.  This is where agents and buyers get valuable information regarding a home.  Ask questions and get a first hand glimpse of the condition of your new property.

6.  Finally, be prepared for closing.  By following through on your paperwork, working with your lender and communicating with your agent, your closing will be a great experience.  By choosing Windsor real estate agents, your neighborhood specialists, our goal is to make sure closing on your home goes as smoothly as possible.





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