Creating A Successful Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent

Posted in General Blog | 11/11/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agent

Windsor Real Estate Agent

Working with a professional real estate agent who comes highly recommended is your key to getting the most out of your home purchase.  Those agents that are tied into the community and enjoy an excellent reputation, can find you the home you have been searching for.  An agent that can negotiate wisely and fiercely on your behalf is the type of person you want in your corner.

So the key is to work closely with your agent while maintaining a friendly and respectful relationship.  We have asked other real estate agents and have their recommendations on how to secure a successful partnership with your agent:

1. Internet Doesn’t Mean You Are A Real Estate Pro

Today, buyers start their online search via the Internet. Of course, looking for a home via your computer is helpful, but make sure you have an agent that can show you properties based on your needs.  Don’t bombard them with 100 homes and ask for an appointment to see all of them.  Real estate agents are good at weeding out those homes that buyers don’t have all the information to.

2.  Know What You Want

Spending a day with an agent while you and your spouse disagree on what type of home you want is a waste of time for everyone.  But this happens quite a bit.  A couple will have a list of their wants and needs, but they still disagree on important issues.  If a husband really wants a pool and his wife is adamant that she doesn’t, then it doesn’t make for effective house hunting.  Therefore it’s critical to write up a detailed list and be willing to compromise.  If a swimming pool is important, then maybe search for a home that has a community pool nearby.

3.  We Can’t Tell You What To Do

An agent cannot tell their client what to do.  Buying a home is a big deal, and we cannot tell you what the real estate market will be like in ten years, or answer questions such as, “should we buy this home?” Those are questions you need to answer.  Find out what you want, what your home buying goals are and ask us for advice, but don’t ask us to make decisions for you.

4.  Curb Appeal

Over and over on this site we discuss the importance of curb appeal.  But there are times where the outside of a property won’t suit all buyers.  Keep in mind that if you have an agent that you have been working with, they will have some idea of what you are looking for in a home. Good real estate agents listen and respond to their buyers’ wish list and pay attention when touring a property. By doing this the home search narrows.  But consider walking into a property even if you don’t like the color of the house or the landscaping is not to your liking.  Chances are, the inside may be a totally different story.  Be open minded about homes where you can easily make changes.  Never turn down time touring a home, as you never know what you may be missing.

5.  Pay Attention

Let’s say you want to downsize.  You are moving from a 3,000 square foot home because it is simply too much work, the kids have moved away, and you want to simplify your life.  But let’s say you are insistent at seeing homes that are just as big with just as much upkeep.  A good agent will lead buyers away.  A good buyer will say “thank you.”

Usually when this scenario happens, a buyer will immediately laugh and wonder what they were considering buying a home like they one they have.  The point is:  be specific and then trust your agent to find what you are looking for.

6.  Don’t Constantly Low Bid

There are clients who will often get an outstanding deal on a home, but they think they can do better and insist on making low bid offers and coming up with other demands that a seller must include in the purchase.  Don’t miss out on a home that you really want, simply because you think you can get a better deal.  Listen to you Windsor real estate agent.  The real estate market is not all gloom and doom.  There are many homes available here that will get top dollar based on their location, condition of the home and the fact that they are priced correctly.



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