Creative Ways To Sell Your Windsor Real Estate Now!

Posted in General Blog | 25/11/2013

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

There are many homeowners out there today who are in need of selling their Windsor real estate quickly. Especially with the upcoming holidays, there can be a few challenges.  But as long as your property is priced right, clean and decluttered, here are some ways that can help you sell your home in 2013.

1.  Hire a top quality real estate agent:

Doesn’t sound too creative?  It’s the best thing you can do to give your property the right exposure to your target buyer.  If you are selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO), there is a very good chance you are not saving any money.  For one, properties stay on the market longer, which means you are still making mortgage, utility and insurance payments.  And the longer the home is on the market, the less attention it will receive.  Sellers overall prefer to work with their real estate agent because owners can often annoy buyers, talk too much and refuse to take any constructive criticism regarding their home.  Finally, if an offer is received, most FSBO’s sellers don’t have negotiation experience.  Professional real estate agents know how to push, pull back and when to pursue to get the deal back on track.

Understand, that FSBO do work for some, but for the vast majority, it simply doesn’t.  We have seen homes that have sold for thousands of dollars less, yet the sellers are thrilled they saved on commission!  So find a good, professional, reputable real estate agent that understands marketing and will work hard to sell your home.  Interview at least three agents to find the one that works best for you.

2.  Incentives:

Adding a few incentives to your real estate property always sweetens the deal.  If you have a buyer that is interested, yet not making an offer, throw in something that you know will appeal to them.  Maybe it’s the custom furniture or the top of the line appliances you have.  Offer to help with closing costs or purchase a home warranty.

3.  Celebrate the holidays!

I’m not usually a fan of Open Houses, however, hosting a holiday themed one can get potential buyers into your home.  This is a great opportunity to show off how your home looks during this time of year, so play seasonal music and have your home tastefully, though carefully decorated (not too overdone so buyer’s can’t see your home’s features.) You don’t need to overload on refreshments, perhaps bottled water and freshly baked cookies (do you really want people walking all over your home with food?), and be carefully with holiday scents, not too overwhelming as strong smells turn off a buyer).

4.  Social Marketing:

If you or your agent are not using social media to sell your home then you are wasting a huge opportunity.  Over 90 percent of buyers look online for homes, so not only should your home be well advertised, but it should have a strong online profile.  Create a Facebook page solely on your property and use Twitter to create updates and ask friends to share your pages and tweets.  Also, make sure you have a virtual tour of your property with excellent photographs and put on YouTube.  Create a webpage and again, share with all of your friends and ask them to pass around as well.

5.  Gift cards:

images-2If you have something unique and different to offer your buyers, include it!  Maybe include a large gift card to a popular furniture store, or shopping center.  One client purchased a few gift cards to popular restaurants in the area once escrow closed and gave them to the buyer.  At this time of the year, a gift card to a toy store would be well received  as well.   Be willing to stand outside of the box and think of how you can make your home even more attractive to buyers is a huge plus!

6.  Price 10% below comps:

Buyers want a home that is priced well. If you list your home below other houses in the area, you are going to have a lot of traffic.  The goal is to get an offer quickly, and if buyers think they are getting a good deal, you may entertain a bidding war that could drive the price up.  Risky?  There are no guarantees, but a home well priced goes fast as long as the house is in a good location and free of major repairs.

Remember, this time of year we have lots of serious buyers and they are looking at many homes.  For some, the houses start blending into one, so making your home stand out is mandatory to selling it quickly.

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