Deciding Between Two Windsor Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 25/08/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

While some buyers are concerned that they won’t find one property they like, often times, there are those that can’t decide between two Windsor homes.  Obviously, this can be a difficult decision, one in which a buyer needs to determine which home can make them the happiest.  Here are a few things a buyer should consider when deciding between two properties:

1.  The Neighbourhood

Take the time to go outside and really study the neighbourhood when you can’t decide between two homes that are perfectly suited to your needs.  Which neighbourhood is a better fit? Are there lots of families if that is important to you?  Good school district?  Does everyone keep his or her homes tidy and nice?  How close is it to work, shopping and entertainment?  What is the crime rate like?  Go around and introduce yourself to your prospective neighbours and ask them about the community.

2.  Value:

Of the two Windsor homes, which one will give you more bang for your buck?  Which home will be an easier sale in the future?  Is one home in a better location?  Is it a starter home?  Or a large family home?  Talk to your real estate agent about what types of home are more in demand.  This is particularly important if you think you will only be in the home for a few years.

3.  Negotiating:

Finally, if it all boils down to price, which Windsor homes is more willing to negotiate a better price?  If a seller realizes you are debating between their home and another, they may be willing to work hard and include incentives so you choose their property.  Sometimes, when you have two Windsor homes that are both appealing, it’s not always a bad thing.

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