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Posted in General Blog | 09/11/2012

Windsor Real Estate Agent

Windsor Real Estate Agent

Between the whole process of getting your home ready to put on the market, listing and finally selling your property, now you need to think about moving when all you really want to do is go on a long vacation.  Yet, once your home is sold, moving day is here and it can be a giant logistical nightmare until you are settled safely in your new home.

We all know the basics: renting a truck or hiring movers, packing and cleaning, but there are common oversights homeowners forget while planning or involved moves.  According to the moving experts, here are the top items buyers forget:

1.  Hidden Belongings:

Sellers often forget that they hide items for safekeeping.  One client hid money in their garage rafters and completely forgot about it until several months after they moved.  The easiest items to forget are those stored away in attics, built-in cabinets or crawl spaces.  Take several walks around your home once the property is cleared to avoid leaving any personal belongings that you might have stored safely away.

2.  Items On Loan:

Does your neighbour still have your lawnmower or a set of your favorite wine glasses?  What about books, DVD’s or a piece of your favourite clothing? Check in with them before you move and ask for your belongings back so you can remember to pack with the rest of your stuff.  Make a list of those that have borrowed from you as well as items you need to return to friends and follow through.  Again, you don’t want to be ready to host a party in your new home and discover that those wine glasses are missing!

3.  Sleeping Arrangements:

Once the truck is packed up and you are headed to leave, make sure you have a place to sleep that night.  It’s surprising how this detail often escapes sellers.  Make hotel arrangements in advance so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.  If plans change, don’t forget to cancel so you are not charged the hotel fee.

4.  Forget Utilities:

Movers have often discussed how they arrive at a new home to unload the truck and discover there is no electricity.  Garage doors can’t be opened, there is no heat or water.

5.  Your Personal Records:

Sometimes, it is just easier to keep things on hand even though our world is electronic.  Keep important documents with you, such as birth certificates, school and medical records, prescriptions and passports.  You never know when you will need them so keep them all in the same place for easy referral while setting up your new home.

6.  Mail:

This is one of the more common things sellers forget.  Have your mail forwarded to your new address from the date your house is empty.

7.  Tip:

Don’t forget to have tip money available to movers, particularly if they have done an outstanding job.  There is no rule about this, but it is the right thing to do.  Also, don’t forget to provide water and maybe a pizza if the day is long.  It is surprising how many movers say they are not even offered a drink after lugging a dresser up two flights of stairs in hot temperatures.

8.  Clean-Up:

Once you leave a property, make sure you have time to clean it up.  Repair the nail holes left in the wall where your family photos once hung.  Make any last minute repairs, vacuum and leave your home to buyers, as you would want to see it.  If time is limited, hire cleaners to come and have them leave your house key with a neighbour.  It’s the right thing to do.

9.  Local Laws:

If you are moving with a large truck, make sure there are no neighbourhood restrictions to prevent a moving van from parking in front of your home.  Will a large truck be allowed if you have a narrow street?

10.  Pet Arrangements:

So you are all packed, ready to go and guess what?  Fido can’t go in the moving truck!  Where do you pack the goldfish?  Make sure pets have a place in your car or you make travel arrangements for them before you move.  Also, don’t forget to get their vaccinations if you plan on flying with your dog or cat.

11.  Garage Door Opener:

Do you know how many times Windsor real estate agents hear from buyers who are searching frantically for the garage door opener.  Almost always it is still in the car of the sellers who are halfway across the country in route to their new home.

12.  Yard Equipment:

Often sellers will be pulling out of the driveway for the final time, nostalgic as they leave, and discover that they forgot to pack items in the tool shed.  Or, they will remember that bicycles are stored on the side of the garage.  Before the movers come, walk around outside and gather all of the miscellaneous things you want the movers to pack.  Once the movers arrive, walk around the outside with them and point out the storage shed or any other building that they might not know about.





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