Don’t Ignore The Attic in Windsor Houses For Sale!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 30/08/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

When viewing Windsor houses for sale, never ignore the attic, which contains the true history of a home.  While this room rarely is a top priority to most buyers, it can provide a wealth of information about the condition of a home that even the current owner may not know about.  So even if you don’t go up yourself, make sure it’s a high priority for your home inspector for the following reasons:

1.  Fire damage:  You can check to see if your home had a fire by checking to see if the rafters are a different color.  If the wood is scorched, chances are, the attic or home experienced a fire.

2.  Insulation:  Does your home have adequate insulation?

3.  Chimney:  Is the chimney structure solid in the attic? Are there cracks? Is it deteriorating or crumbling?

4.  Pests:  No doubt about it, pests love attics.  Squirrels, raccoons and rodents can eat through insulations, leave droppings and chew anything else that is available.  These can often lead to serious and costly repairs.  If wiring is exposed, if insulation is chewed, not to mention the health risks, then a buyer will ultimately be responsible for repairing if an attic is not properly checked at some point during a home inspection.

5. Water damage:  Water in an attic can mean many things and also mean a hefty repair bill.  So inspectors will see if there is staining on the wood or on the walls to determine if leaking is coming from the roof.  Another thing to check:  water and condensation will often form around pipes that can mean rotting wood.

6.  Rafter and truss damage:  While a roof may look fine on the outside, it’s good to know that the trusses or rafters are secure.  Inspectors will look for stress cracks and determine that everything is up to code.

A buyer wants peace of mind when purchasing Windsor houses for sale.  Don’t ignore the attic.  It often can tell a story about your home and this is one where you want a happy ending.

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