Don’t Make These Mistakes When Staging Your Windsor Real Estate

Posted in Selling Blog | 11/08/2012

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If you have decided to hire a professional home stager for your Windsor real estate, then congratulations!  Hiring a stager may sell your home faster, at a higher price and shows a buyer that you are serious about selling your home.  Your property may require only a simple rearranging of furniture, or maybe something more complex, like bringing in new furniture, art and accessories.  Whatever you need to do, the goal is to get top dollar for your home.

But what should you avoid when hiring a home stager?  Here are some of the biggest mistakes a seller can make when hiring a professional:

1.  Price:  Of course it is necessary to watch costs, especially in this Windsor real estate market, however, consider that hiring a home stager is an investment.  Buy the best that you can afford by listening to recommendations from friends, family and your real estate agent.  Rates vary for home stagers depending on their experience, but remember, sometimes you get what you pay for when you decide to save a few bucks and hire someone that charges an extremely low rate.

2.  Not looking at their work:  The home stager you select should have a website or a portfolio for you to review.  Make sure the photos are professional.  If the photos aren’t good, then chances are, the work will be questionable as well.  Make sure all work is their own and not stock photos.

3.  Not asking for references:  Make sure your home stager has a list of references and certainly follow up and call them!  Ask former customers how their experience was with your stager, if they felt they received their monies worth, if budget was reasonable and if they would do it again.

4.  Not hiring a stager with some Windsor real estate experience:  While it’s not necessary for your stager to have a license, they must know what current buyers are looking for.  Do they know your neighborhood?  Do they understand the current housing market?

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