Don’t Waste Your Money! Creative Ways To Sell Your Home

Posted in General Blog | 06/11/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

There is not a homeowner around who doesn’t want to make the most money he or she can when selling their home.  In fact, it doesn’t hurt to get the most for your house, while selling it as quickly as possible.  Today, many homeowners try to cut corners and costs, when putting their home one the market when in reality, they may end up spending quite a bit more than they should.  Here are not only the best ways to sell a house, but also the best ways to sell it quicker.  Also thrown in?  Some very creative sales efforts that might spike a buyer’s interest.

1.  Hire A Professional Agent:

For those out there thinking that of course we would recommend this on a real estate website, look at it this way:  there are many statistics out there why selling a home on your own may end up costing you more money than actually saving.  Here are the myths associated when selling your home on your own:

FSBO’s do not, on the whole, save money.  Sellers will not see an increase in traffic, but rather a decrease as good buyers hook up with an agent.  If your home doesn’t have traffic, then it won’t have the buyers.  The  longer it’s on the market, the less attention it will receive, the more mortgage, utility, insurance payments you will make.

FSBO’s show their own home and become way too emotional in the process to the discomfort of a buyer.  Owners often talk too much, annoy buyers, ask personal questions or say things that don’t encourage a sale.  The majority of buyers prefer to walk into a home with an agent they can trust.  They don’t want to see the owner of the home.

FSBO’s usually have no home negotiation experience.  This is where it can really cost an owner money.  If they are fortunate to get an offer on their home, then they need to be ready to work out the offer without any emotional ties to the home.  This is hard to do for most homeowners who have difficulty listening to anyone criticize their home.  Real estate agents know when to push, when to pull back, when to pursue, when to get a deal back on track if it is worth pursuing and handle it all professionally and on time.

We have seen homes sold by the owner for untold thousand of dollars less, but yet, owners brag they have saved on the commission.  Go figure.  So find a reputable agent and ask them how they would sell your home.  Look at their home sales, get recommendations, and always interview at least three agents to find the one that works best for you.

2.  Offer Incentives:

Offer your buyer something extra when they are interested in your home, but stalling on making an offer.  Throw in the appliances, the custom furniture made specifically for your living room, offer to pay a portion of the closing costs or purchase a home warranty.

3.  Take Advantage Of The Holidays:

With the holidays coming up, consider hosting an Open House with a holiday theme.  Have refreshments offered, play seasonal music and have your home tastefully decorated (though make sure it’s not too over the top where buyers can’t see your home’s features).  Have fresh holiday scents, such a pine, greet the buyers when they walk in (but don’t overdue as too strong smells can turn off a buyer.)

4.  Price Competitively:

Money will always be the deciding factor when selling your home no matter how creative you are in getting an offer.  Pricing your home competitively means buyers will take your home seriously.  If you want a quick sale, and you are able to do it, then price your home lower than other homes in your neighbourhood or in areas comparable.  This is a guaranteed sure-fire tip for those ready to move now!  Making small price reductions over and over again only implies to a buyer that you are desperate or something is wrong with your property.  Price your home correctly from the beginning.

5. Creative Social Marketing:

Make sure that your social marketing skills are up to date or that you hire a real estate agent that knows how to promote your home using these methods. Ninety percent of all buyers look for their homes on the Internet so consider putting up your own website on your home.  Create a Facebook page solely on your property.  Don’t forget using Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest as well as these are all valuable tools for selling your home.  Finally, make sure there is a virtual tour of your home that looks professional and well thought out then put it on Youtube.  Never hesitate to share your social media efforts with friends, family, and co-workers and ask them to pass around.

6.  Staging:

Yes, it is very important that your home be spotless and presented in a way that buyers will immediately envision living there.  Before you put your home on the market, go through each room and purge whatever it is that will turn off a buyer.  Yes, you may think your family photos are pretty terrific, but to a buyer, it’s virtual noise.  A buyer wants to see their home, not your home, so let the house speak for itself.  If you can’t afford it, then don’t worry about hiring a stager. Go online and read what the pros say on the best ways to stage a home, and then follow through.

7.  Gift Cards:

If you really want to make an impression on a buyer and if you own a popular restaurant or business in your community, then offer a large gift card upon the close of escrow to the buyer who purchases your Windsor home.  There have been reports of a pizza owner offering a free pizza every week for a year to the buyer of their home.  If you have something to add to the deal that is unique and appealing, consider telling your agent about it and the best way to promote it.








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