Downsizing? Consider Condos For Sale In Windsor Ontario!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 22/09/2014

Windsor Condo For Sale

Condos For Sale Windsor Ontario

If you plan on downsizing in the near future, you may want to consider one of the many condos for sale in Windsor Ontario for your next home.  I have had many clients wonder if they could happily move from a larger family home to a smaller one and they are pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy their new condo lifestyle.  In fact, may wonder why they waited so long.

There are so many reasons why condo living is desirable and it has maintained popularity, especially among baby boomers who have retired or about ready to do so.  Here are some of the top reasons people move to condos:

1.  Maintenance free.

How does a weekend with no lawn mowing or raking leaves sound? Weeds?  Forget about it.  Living in a condo means that you no longer need to arrange your free time around your landscaping chores.  Pools and other features are cared for as well, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.  If you feel like going away for the weekend, all you need to do is lock your front door and take off.

2.  Amenities.

If you have always wanted to enjoy a weight room or walk to a swimming pool, then depending on what condo you choose to buy, you can take advantage of all the shared amenities your association offers.  For many of my clients, sitting by the pool on a hot summer’s day is one of the main reasons a condo life was selected.

3.  Affordability.

For many buyers who want to downsize, a condo offers a great opportunity to cut back on living costs.  These homes are usually less expensive to maintain and costs less than if you were buying a single family home.

4.  “Less stuff!”

Unknown-4Moving into a smaller home means you are living with “less stuff.”  Buyers who are downsizing are tired of living in homes with too many rooms, too much furniture and a garage full of belongings that are rarely used.  The list goes on.  Buying a condo means that you are forced to get rid of what you no longer want or use.  Every one of my clients that have downsized feels like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders because they no longer need to find a place for “stuff.”

5.  “Lock it And Leave!”

Once again, living in a condo makes it much easier to pack it up and leave for the weekend if you feel like it.  Again, clients have expressed to me that they often are amazed at their new,  carefree lifestyle and wonder why they didn’t move into a Windsor condo earlier.

Of course, if you are considering moving into a condo, you must be aware of the possible drawbacks.  But these depend on your financial situation as well as your personal lifestyle:

1.  Homeowners Association Fees:

Condos charge a monthly fee that includes maintenance charges, repairs, property insurance and other costs.  If considering a condo, it is important to see what these monthly payments are and what they include.  It is also critical to find out how often the association increases these payments.  Get a thorough understanding before you make any decisions.

2.  Lack Of Privacy:

Some clients wonder about the lack of privacy, especially if they have lived in a secluded area in a traditional neighbourhood.  I tell my clients if privacy is a huge must, then they may want to reconsider condo living.  At the very least, drive by the condo at different hours each day, especially on the weekends and evenings to see what type of activity is happening.

3.  Harder To Sell:

If you plan on living in a condo for only a few years, then your best option might be to rent as it is more difficult to sell a condo than a traditional home.  The appreciation is also slower because you only own the space, and not the land.  Of course, unless you plan to stay in any place at least four to five years, then renting is usually the best choice.

4.  Living With Rules:

Needless to say, you have to live by the condo rules.  You can’t paint the outside of your condo or remodel that would change the outside appearance.  Each condo association has their own general rules and regulations so it is necessary to be fully informed of what you can and can’t do before you sign on the dotted line.

For those downsizing condo living is a great consideration.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more.

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