6 Easily Forgotten Home Staging Tips For Windsor Houses

Posted in General Blog | 28/05/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Whenever Windsor houses are ready for the market, it is easy to determine which ones will see quickly from those that may sit on the market longer.  Home staging was once considered a luxury but today, it has become necessary for those homes that want to sell quickly and closer to the asking price.

Many think that home staging is expensive and unnecessary for Windsor houses, but neither is true.  Simply cleaning a home and throwing away some clutter is often not enough to showcase your homes features.  Windsor houses that are carefully staged can make small rooms look larger, can make a kitchen seem brighter and an older, tired home seem fresh.  Here are some often-overlooked staging tips that anyone can do in a matter of minutes.

1.  Keep Kitchen Counters Bare:  Take away all of the appliances that often clutter a kitchen and scrub it clean.  Place a vase of fresh flowers and you have immediately made your kitchen seem larger.  While you are at it, take off the magnets on the refrigerator and anything else that distracts a homebuyer from seeing the benefits of your kitchen.

2.  Clean and polish floors entry way floors:  Windsor houses should always make that valuable first impression by making sure your foyer floors are sparkling.  Any marks, scratches or dings in either your tile or hardwood flooring will be an immediate turn off.

3.  Set the kitchen table/dining table:  While you are not really serving dinner, just make it look like you are with chargers, china and centerpiece.  If you are setting your kitchen table and your every day kitchenware is less than desirable, purchase a place setting for four with new placemats and napkins that are complimentary to your color scheme.

4.  Remove Traces of Animals:  Hide the bags of dog food, get rid of the kitty litter and vacuum all animal hair especially if it is on your furniture.

5.  Clean out bedroom closets and place decorative cloth hangers instead of wire hangers.  Buyers will look inside your closets and you want to make sure that they are spacious and well-kept.

6.  One More Thing Regarding Your Kitchen:  Make sure that the pantry is cleaned out and contains the minimum amount of food.  Again, the purpose is to show how spacious it is.  Store bottled water and neatly arranged canned goods.

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