Easy Tips When Moving To Windsor Houses With Pets

Posted in Buyer Blog | 26/07/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

When moving into Windsor houses, a buyer is not the only one feeling a little new and sometimes confused.  Owners moving with pets often wonder how to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible for their beloved family members.  Many buyers research neighborhoods and have specific requirements for their pets and won’t compromise.  Here is what we suggest to those moving into Windsor Houses with pets:

1.  Consider the features of a home:  Some buyers prefer not to buy Windsor houses with carpeting because their pets often have accidents.  Others won’t look at hardwood floors because a pet will scratch it.  Others don’t want homes with drapes or a cat will claw it.  What works best for you?  Make a list and share with your real estate agent.

2.  If you are considering a condo, then check out Home Owner Association documents.  Some do not like large dogs, or reptiles or have other restrictions.  Make sure you know what their bylaws say before you fall in love with a property.

3.  Is a neighborhood pet friendly?  Is the yard fenced? If you have animals that are known to escape from your front door, then do you really want to live on a busy street?  Are there other animals in the area and how does your pet respond to them?

4.  Did previous pets live in home?  Animals pick up scents from other animals.  Also, pet odors are difficult if not impossible to get rid of.  If your pet struggles with this, especially a cat who will mark their territory, you may want to see if a home can be professionally cleaned or if you have other options.

5.  Locate all pet services in your neighborhood.  Is there a local vet?  What about a 24-hour vet hospital?  Many buyers want to look at Windsor houses near doggie day care centers or a local kennel.

6. Finally, see if there is a dog park in your area.  This is a great way to meet new people and introduce your dog to the area.

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