Emotional Mistakes Windsor Property Owners Make

Posted in Selling Blog | 18/07/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

It’s difficult for Windsor Property owners when they are eager to sell their homes quickly, yet they haven’t quite cut the emotional ties to their home.  This is understandable.  We all have attachments to our homes and we can’t understand why anyone that walks in won’t feel the same way.  Buy buyers have lots to choose from.  Therefore, it’s important to separate yourself from your home the moment you decide to put it on the market.  If not, you are likely to make the following emotional mistakes that many owners make:

1.  Overprice.  This is the most common mistake a seller makes.  They simply believe that their home is more special than any other being sold in the area.  Sellers think buyers will feel the same way and pay a high price just to call their Windsor property home.  The problem?  It rarely works this way in today’s market.  Getting the top price, while everyone’s dream, is unrealistic.  Seller’s, who bought high, should realize that prices are not skyrocketing anymore.

2.  Attend Showings.  Often, sellers will attend because they want to make sure they point out everything that is terrific about their property.  The problem?  This is more of a turn-off to buyers.  Sellers must leave if possible as it stifles a buyer from expressing themselves to their own agent.  Sellers should seek information from their real estate professional rather than go head to head with a buyer.

3.  Not Entertaining Early Offers:  When offers come in early in the game, a seller will often reject because they think better offers will be forthcoming.  But, the longer a property sits, the less attractive the offers often get.  Once a house is listed, the most activity is in the first two weeks or so.  If it is priced right, then this is when you are most likely to see your best offers.

4.  Taking Offers Too Personally:  It’s tough in the real estate market.  No one likes to hear the flaws of their Windsor property, particularly if they don’t feel there are any.  However, buyers will list everything they see wrong to get the best possible price.  Be ready to hear criticism and understand it’s a negotiating tool.  Don’t take it personally, take a deep breath and work with your agent before walking away from a possibly potential sale.


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