Essex County Homes: Home Repairs You Should Never Ignore

Posted in General Blog | 28/01/2012

Essex County Homes

Essex County Homes

There are several home repair issues that homeowners should never ignore.  Yes, owning an Essex County home can be expensive, and it is easy to understand why repairs are often ignored.  However, delaying some problems can result in more expensive repairs or perhaps even injury or worse.   As a result, home inspectors say you should never ignore the following:

1.  Water leaks.  Nothing brings out the concern to potential homebuyers for an Essex County home that seeing a potential water leak.  A stain on your ceiling, musty smells, white powdery stuff or mildew that grows on your bricks or foundation means one thing:  a water leak.  A leak that goes on without being repairs can cause roofs to collapse, foundations to buckle and health concerns with mold.

2.  Flickering lights:  If your lights dim or flicker when you switch on a lamp or plug in an appliance, you could have some faulty wiring.  The potential for fire is always there particularly in older homes that only have one or two circuits in a kitchen.  Hiring a professional electrician who can determine what the cause is and repair it will guarantee a peaceful nights sleep.

3.  Smoky Chimney:  Always have your chimney properly cleaned and maintained to eliminate the chances of a chimney fire.  For a fee of approximately $100, a professional chimney service will thoroughly remove any remnants of any by products that can build up in the flue.  As a reminder:  never burn trash, cardboard or wrapping paper in your fireplace and use only seasoned wood.

4.  Rodents:  These pesky creatures chew through insulation and wiring. Not only that, once they discover your home, they rarely leave voluntarily.  Hire a pest control service to eliminate these creatures.  They also can carry diseases, make huge messes and can be suspects in many house fires.

5.  Replace roof shingles or tiles that are damaged.  It is far more cost effective to replace as needed than to replace an entire roof.  Water can pool on your roof and under shingles causing severe damage.  A potential buyer never likes to see a roof that is in need of repair.  They are more likely to walk away before even stepping in the front door.

There are more maintenance issues that can be addressed, but these are some of the most important.  Hire professionals and get the job done right as it is integral to the safety and preservation of your Essex County home.

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