Essex County Homes: The Insiders Guide to Yard Staging!

Posted in General Blog | 01/03/2012

Essex County Homes

Essex County Homes

Spring selling season for Essex County homes is right around the corner, one of the best times to put your home on the market.  We hear over and over again about the importance of home staging, but just as important is “yard” staging your property.  Let’s face it, if a prospective buyer is not impressed with the outside of your home, chances are slim that they will want to venture inside.  Many a client have opted not to get out of a car if a home’s yard is unkempt, overgrown and full of weeds.  Buyers just can’t get beyond the “fix up” factor and figure if the outside looks bad, what must the inside look like?

Therefore, as the busy housing market begins soon for Essex County homes, now is the perfect time to think about sprucing up the outside of your home if you are preparing to put it on the market.  It’s never too early to start preparing!

First, clean the of your house.  Power wash everything from the cobwebs, mold and dirt to the decks, patios, fences, trellises, windows and anything else that needs a good washing.  Of course, be careful not to power wash anything where damage can occur or where paint can chip off.

Once your house is thoroughly clean, walk around and make any repairs or paint where touch-ups are needed.  Change outdoor light bulbs, repaint the mailbox, shutters or doors if needed.  Update hardware as well if it will make an improvement.

Now, let’s attack the yard itself.  First, give your lawn some much needed attention after a long, cold winter.  When weather indicates, mow (set mower on high to reduce stress on grass and lessen the need to water as much), fertilize and find a high quality weed killer.  Next, trim all overgrowth.  This is particularly true of any bushes that are covering a window or path.  Do you have any trees that are blocking some of the best features of your home?  You may want to consider having those removed.

With the shrubbery cleared away, now is the time to consider purchasing high quality mulch.  Always try and purchase mulch that does not fade.  While more expensive, it is worth it when you are selling your Essex County home.   Now the fun part!  Plant annuals for color and impact.  Don’t forget potted flowers and hanging baskets to create more of an impact but don’t overdo!  Too many baskets and pots can look crowded and messy.

Finally, adding little extras where appropriate are always appreciated by buyers.  Perhaps a nice bird bath, a hammock or two nice patio chairs with a small table in between to promote a restful, relaxing atmosphere.  This is what buyers are looking for!

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