Essex County Homes: Valuable Spring Cleaning Tips!

Posted in General Blog | 25/02/2012

Essex County Homes

Essex County Homes

Yes, believe it or not Essex County home owners!  Spring is on its way.  In the next few months, our weather will be growing warmer, spring flowers will pop up and many homeowners will soon start their spring cleaning checklists!

Houses have been exposed to the bitter cold for months and now it’s time to take a walk around and see what repairs are needed.  The idea is to catch the possible problems now when it’s small so it doesn’t become a larger more costly issue later.  Here is a list of spring essential home maintenance issues that are a must:

1.  Roof.  Do you notice any loose shingles, problems with the flapping or small leaks?  If so, it’s best to hire a professional to climb up your roof to investigate.  Usually if your roof is newer, any possible problems are small that need quick repairs.

2.  Gutters:  Homeowners are usually shocked to know that more water damage happens to gutters in the spring than in the fall.  Drastic winter conditions such as freezing then thawing temperatures, can shorten the life of your gutters and downspouts.  When cleaning your gutters also make sure that the gutter is secured and no water is leaking behind the gutter.  Also, confirm that downspouts are secured to the home and there is no blockage.  Not sure how to do this?  Use a leaf blower and notice if there is a sound of resistance.  If so, you need to clean it out. Finally, make sure water is being diverted three feet away from your foundation.  Again, from a safety standpoint, it is always better to hire a professional to handle these repairs.

3.  Heater/Air Conditioning:  Your heater in your Essex County home has been on for several months and now is a good time to change the filters.  It’s also an excellent idea to check the status of your air conditioning.  Is it working properly?  If not, call to get your air conditioning serviced and see if by scheduling early in the season, you are eligible for a discount.

4.  Take a Walk:  Go outside and take a long look at your homes exterior.  Check the siding and look for peeling paint.  Inspect your deck for loose boards and see if it needs to be resealed.  Take note of what landscaping didn’t survive during the winter.  Clean up any leaves, as it will harm any new grass from growing.

Spring is always a welcome time of the year.  By starting now to make your to-do list for your Essex County home, you will have your home repairs completed in no time.

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