Essex County Real Estate: What Can Happen on Moving Day!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 13/02/2012

Essex County Real Estate

Essex County Real Estate

With Essex County Real Estate moving steadily in a positive direction, more and more buyers and sellers are asking about hiring a professional moving company.  As real estate agents, we have heard many good and yes, many horror stories about what happens on moving day.  It is important to do some very thorough research when deciding to hire a moving company.  By all means, get recommendations from friends, relatives and neighbors to find a company that is right for you.  Interview several businesses and have a list of questions ready to ask each one.

1.  Licensed Companies Need Only Apply!  Yes, this is critical.  Moving can be expensive, but this is not the time to deal with unreputable companies simply to save a few bucks.  Make sure any one you interview can demonstrate a valid license.  Without this valuable piece of information, you can end up paying far more money than you expected.

2.  Ask for References:  Many moving companies can provide references, which you should call.  However, go online and see if anyone has anything negative to say about the company you are considering.  Any real estate agents in Essex County real estate will tell you, “Research, research, research!”

3.  Ask for a Written Estimate:  Ask if the estimate is binding or non-binding.  To determine your moving costs, have the mover come to your home to get an assessment of what you require.  Do you want a full moving service in which they pack, unpack and move everything?  Or maybe you want to do self-service, where you pack and unpack yet they move it.  You may also want to consider if you are moving locally, to have a moving company pack only your heirlooms and move the heavy furniture.  There are many options.  But get it in writing!

4.  Finally, and this can’t be repeated enough: GET FINAL COST IN WRITING!  We have heard too many horror stories of moving companies changing the price in the middle of a move.  This is a horrible practice and again, it is imperative to only deal with reputable, professional, well-established companies.  Your contract should include a guarantee of how many hours the job will take.  Never assume that you and the mover are on the same page.  As an Essex County real estate agent, I cannot stress this enough!

Trusting a moving company with your worldly possessions is a huge leap of faith.  By following the above steps, it is more likely everything will arrive in perfect condition for the agreed upon price.



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