Excuses For Not Staging Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 31/08/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

There are times when a realtor sees a Windsor property for sale and wonders if a bit of staging would help make a home sell faster.  The answer is almost always yes.  Staging, as we have discussed, can play a very important role in selling your property.  It just works.  But here are the most common reasons we hear from sellers on why they choose not to stage their home:

1.  How can we live at home if it is staged?

You can!  This is a misconception that a home must be vacant in order to be staged.

2.  We love our house the way it is and so will buyers! 

Buyers want to see an organized, neutral and clutter free home.  If your home shows your hunting trophies or your framed photos of your children, buyers cannot see themselves living in your home and this is crucial in order to make a Windsor property for sale receive offers.

3.  I can clean and declutter myself: 

Great!  And you should, however, if you have a small room, staging can make it look larger.  And often, what is a necessary item for a seller is seen as clutter from a buyer’s standpoint. A stager knows the difference.

4.  We like our outdated look! 

Yes, but the majority of buyers do not like to walk into a home where all they can see is a major remodeling project.  If they can’t get passed your busy wallpaper, then they have no problems going onto the next property.

5.  We have never staged our previous homes before and they sold! 

Buyers have changed dramatically over the past several years. In the market today, with so many houses to choose from, buyers don’t stop looking until they have found a home that they want.  Buyers have access to many more homes thanks to the Internet and a home that is move-in ready usually gets the showings and the offers.

6.  It costs too much!

It is proven that staged homes sell quicker and at better prices.  There are many price points a seller can look at before deciding to stage a home.  Also, a consultation is usually cost effective and often the best money a seller will spend.

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