Feedback From Buyers For Windsor Houses For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 11/06/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

Regarding Windsor houses for sale, it is always an excellent idea to hear feedback from prospective buyers who have toured your home.  Despite the fact that you have done an amazing job preparing your property, the final opinion comes from the buyers.  Sellers need to know if they need to make any improvements.  It’s also nice to know what you are doing right.

When looking for feedback, here are some questions your real estate agent should ask your buyer’s agent regarding your home:

1.  How Does This Home Compare to other Windsor Houses for Sale?

This is where a buyer can learn valuable information when seeking opinions on their home.  If buyers are looking at many homes within your price range, square footage and with similar amenities, here is where you can see how your home stacks up.  If they say that your home appears larger than others despite same square footage, you know you are doing something right.  If they say your kitchen looks older, then perhaps you can consider making some changes if your home doesn’t sell.

2.  What is your opinion of this home?

Often times, a seller needs to read between the lines if a seller’s response uses average words, such as “nice” “okay” “like.”  Not only does it not give you much to go on, but chances are they are trying to be nice.  It’s a good idea for your agent to follow up and see if you can get more precise information.

3.  What Do You Like Most About Home? What Do You Like Least About My Home?

Of course, you cannot take anything personally, but if enough buyers say they dislike one thing about your home, then you may need to take their comments under consideration.  For example, if you hear consistently that your carpet is worn, then replacing it may need to be an option.

4.  Can You See Yourself Moving into This Home?

If a buyer says yes, then that’s a good thing.  But again, if too many say no, find out why.  If the answer is that a house is too small, then there is nothing you can do about it. But if it’s because they say it’s too cluttered, then make some changes.







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